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Signs Your Tween/Teen Is Screen Addicted! And Some Coaching


Here at Parenting Modern Teens, we speak and coach about screens every day.

We are the first generation of parents to have children who

spend 7 hours a day on screen entertainment!

Screen addiction is real...and rampant. 

Screen addiction is serious.

Screen addiction is not ok.

Here are some tips, insights and signs.

✔️Your tween/teen is spending most Saturday/Sunday on a screen and not outside with friends or family...

✔️If your tween/teen sits on their bed in front of a screen from 3pm-bedtime "studying"...

✔️If your tween/teen has hacked the "Screen Time" app to get around the screen boundaries...

✔️If your tween/teen doesn't have a bedtime because they tell you they need to study past 10 pm...

✔️If your tween/teen blows up every time you say to get off a screen...

...then these things are PROBABLY TRUE:

1. Your tween/teen is not living a healthy, balanced life.

2. Your tween/teen likely has a screen addiction.

3. You are funding and enabling this unhealthy addicted lifestyle.  That makes you an enabler and you are part of the problem.

4. You are not helping your tween/teen thrive or mature as a healthy, balanced young adult.

5. It's not too late for you to change- and help your teen change.

I say this because I care.

I care about you and your teen.


Here are action steps for parents to take immediately:

1. Enable the Screen Time App built into every Apple phone or device. Andriod users can buy BARK or Circle.  

I recommend 1-hour a day (including weekend) TOTAL for screen entertainment (Games, Netflix, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, TicToc, Macari, etc.

These apps can let you set the limit to 1-hour and allow other apps to be unlimited (Spotify, Pandora, Wikipedia, SchoolLoop, Texting, Calls, etc...)

2. If your teen hinders or disables the Screen Time (or Bark) parental setting, then give them a 2-4 week 100% screen-free consequence. Increase consequences every time. 

3. Remove computers and gaming systems from bedrooms. Set a rule for no screen in your bedroom.

4. Buy a cheap Google Chromebook and enable the parental controls so that the device is for "homework only", and not games or social media.

5. Have your tween/teen meet with a PMT Coach for Teen Coaching: to do inner work on themselves; to learn why they became screen-addicted; and to learn EQ tools from their Coach on how to live a healthy, balanced life.

6. Of all of the things you can do - this is the best. Trust me when I say, this is the #1 thing you can do to break/heal a screen addiction!

90-Day Screen Fast.

That's right- Zero screens for 90 days!

No cell phone. No games. No iPads. 

Use the above technology to block everything except homework.

Then, after 90 days say,

"Son/daughter, we are going to allow you to be on some screens now, but your time will be limited. If you show us you don't have the maturity to handle this screen, then we will do the 90-Day Fast again. I love you too much to let a screen impact your life in a negative way." 

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Be Strong. Stay Close. Teach Wisdom.

 Your Friend,

Sean Donohue

Family Coach 

Founder of

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