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E-Book How To Break Screen Addiction

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✔︎ The E-Book : 65 pages of tools, steps, stages and creative ideas! 


The E-Book Includes:

🔑 The Process: The Steps and Stages of Breaking Screen Addiction.

🔑 12 Creative Ideas Which Break Screen Addiction and Defiance!

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A few of the Problems This Will Help You Solve...

"What if my kid needs screens for school?"

"When I talk about limiting screens he/she gets angry, manipulative, anxious or emotional."

"He/She tells me all of their friends on screens..." 

"My teen always says he/she is studying."

"My kid will hardly even leave their room..."

"I feel I have tried everything..."


The E-Book Details

Page 9 - Learn how to reach their Head and their Heart

Page 12 - Learn why screen contracts don’t work with some teens

Page 13 - Learn why emotions and trust is where the real battle lies

Page 16 - Learn a parenting structure that works for screen-addicted kids/tweens/teens

Page 18 - Learn what to do if your teen has Ds and Fs in school

Page 27 - Learn a tool to get your kids off screens at night.

Page 29 - Learn a tool that helps kids live a life of balance!

Page 38 - Learn a powerful action step that reaches their hearts

Page 40 - Learn a life-changing parenting tool that helps defiant and screen-addicted kids break free and change!

Page 48 - If your addicted teen gets abusive or violent, learn some action steps.

Page 43 - Learn about the “Detox Stage” and what to do.

Page 52 - Learn some creative tools when your addicted teen starts manipulating, exploding or tries to punish you.

Page  54 - Learn what to do in the “Boredom Stage”.

Page 56  - Learn how to reach the Win/Win Stage!

Page 62- Other options to take to get more support if you need it