"This experience was life-changing!" - Susan, Mom of three
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The Parenting Teen Masterclass

Making Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!


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Solve Real Life Problems Like...


 ✔︎ Screen/Gaming/Social media use or addiction

✔︎ Disrespect to parents

✔︎ Poor teen communication skills 

✔︎Sibling fighting or bullying

✔︎ Lack of family time or closeness

✔︎ Acting out, defiance and rebellion

✔︎ Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse

✔︎ Selfishness and entitlement

✔︎ Lying and hiding

✔︎ Poor school efforts


✔︎ Anxiety and teen depression

✔︎ Worry/Perfection-ism

✔︎ Teens who hate therapy 

✔︎ Teens who refuse to change/grow

✔︎ Aggression towards others

✔︎ Angry outbursts/swearing

✔︎ Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends

Bring out the best in yourself...and your family!

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Let's Make Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!


"I am confident that our tools and experiences will quickly change your life...and the life of your family."

-Sean Donohue  

"I was stuck and struggling to be effective. The Masterclass taught me new TOOLS and gave me CONFIDENCE.
I followed Sean's advice...and we are happy again! "

Karen - Florida
Mom of Two

"My husband and I are working through the Masterclass - It's super helpful. SUPER. Thank you."

Mother of two

Break Old Patterns

Parenting Assessment 

✔︎ Easy To Take!

✔︎ Quick Results!

✔︎ Give To Your Spouse!

✔︎ Give To Your Kids!

✔︎ Study Yourself

✔︎ Life-Changing Results!

"This assessment helped me in more ways than I can describe. I see everything different now." 

-Josh, Dad of Two

Get Change...Quickly


Video Library

✔︎ 25 on-demand parenting teens videos from Sean

✔︎ Learn our life-changing parenting tools like


"Emotional Consequences,"

"Win/Win," and so many more!

Fresh ideas and effective strategies for stopping bad behavior.

"Dear Sean...After watching your first 2 videos I've started to feel like there is hope to make things better for everyone in my little family...and it is a good feeling... in fact at the end of the second video I actually cried happy tears because I felt like I had finally found someone who I can learn from and I can do it any time of day or night!"

Empowered Mother

Easy and Inspirational

✔︎ Watch the videos in bed!

✔︎ Listen as you drive!

✔︎ Send a video to your spouse!

✔︎ Watch with your spouse/teen! 

Easy To Learn!

✔︎Like a Netflix show, the class videos are watched in order.

✔︎Go at your own pace. Unlimited rewatch. Send to a spouse. Watch with your teen.

✔︎Go at your own Pace! Finish the Masterclass in a couple of days, a week, a month, or extend it over time! (Monthly Subscribers: Cancel anytime.)

✔︎Start learning in the first 10 minutes!

✔︎See class details below

"Sean gives parents the tools you need to have effective, positive communication. He helped us course correct the negative patterns we had fallen into and today, we're able to lead with love and respect first. As parents, he helped us understand our kids. Who they are, who they are trying to be. That was probably the best gift of all. Within two weeks, we went from constantly criticizing to appreciating the people they are trying to become. He helped us replace yelling and the silent treatment with listening and understanding."

Mother of three

Includes the "Masterclass Parents Toolbox" PDFs

35 pages of print outs and ideas!

Tools. Tools. And More Tools.


Masterclass Video Library

Part 1: Building Your Foundation

✔︎ Take the "Being The Best You" Parenting Assessment

✔︎ How to achieve the 3 R's: Respect, Relationship, Responsibility

✔︎ Why "House Rules" matter - and how to write a great "House Rules" document

Part 2: How Be A Healthy, "Authoritative" Parent

✔︎ Understand yourself, your teen and your family from your assessment results!

✔︎ Learn how to break patterns of bad teen behavior, defiance and disrespect

Part 3: A Better Way to Communicate

✔︎ Speaker/Listener: Learn an amazing technique on how to speak and listen to modern teens

✔︎ Does your teen suck at communication? Learn how to get them to use the new tools!

✔︎ Learn how to create Win/Wins with your children-and stop the arguing!

Part 4: Creative and Effective Natural Consequences

✔︎ Learn how stop grounding and taking screens away and instead use new consequences in ways that connect, get change and foster maturity

✔︎ How to use eliminate entitlement and have a home based on "Reaping and Sowing"

✔︎ Learn the "Card System: An Amazing Tool For Parents!"

Part 5: Must Have for All Families

✔︎ Learn tools on how to be close with your children and get them to obey

✔︎ Learn how to do the "Sit-Down: The World's Most Powerful Parenting Tool!" 

✔︎ Learn how to help your teen create life balance, gratitude and peacefulness

The Masterclass Looks Like...

Satisfaction Policy for the Parenting Teens Masterclass and the Parents Club


You have a full 7-Days to go through this experience, 100% RISK FREE!

If you are not fully satisfied with this product or didn't meet your expectations for any reason, just email us and we'll 100% refund you.  

Masterclass + Club


/ Month

The Parents Club - Weekly Live Experience
"Being the Best You"
The Parenting Teens Masterclass Video Library
PDFs and Activities
Free Bonuses
Email Access With Sean*
$397 Enrollment fee

Now just $19 Enrollment Fee!

Our new 2022 Accessible Pricing!

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Private Coaching Sessions


55 minute session

Meet with your choice of Sean Donohue or any PMT Coach
in person*,
phone call,
or video call
to discuss your family and get individual coaching from him.
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The 2-Day In-Home Intensive With Sean


Sean Donohue will fly to your US home and coach your teenager, you and your family for two days 
Immediate Healing and Change
*Plus airfare and boarding
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Emailing with Sean

*Monday-Thursday 24-72 hours business hours email reply. The email reply will not have coaching or advice but will point you to a specific video or to tell you that I will address you in the Parents Club.

Parents Are Saying...

“Sean has been a great help to us as we strive to create boundaries and understand our son's struggles. He has great tools to help parents communicate more clearly and to hear what their child is saying.”

-Kathy, Mother of five


"This class has been so helpful. So helpful. Thank you!"

- Lisa, Mother of three


 “Sean's tools were extraordinarily helpful to us as parents. Perhaps most valuable were his TOOLS and encouragement that helped us and pushed us to be more thoughtful and deliberate about what we wanted from our household and family, and how to create the boundaries and behaviors to get there.”

– Steve, Father of two



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