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"The Parents Club is a window into the life-changing TOOLS that Sean teaches. He is a master at connecting with parents and teens and helping us to have happy homes."

Mom to two

"The Parents Club is a great place to come together and share the good and the bad parenting experiences we've had - and get great feedback and coaching from Sean on how to better communicate!"

Mom to three

Join us Thursday!

Going live together every Thursday at 12 Noon PST 

Live, Interactive, Zoom, Parenting Classes With Sean

Log onto Zoom with Sean and Club Members for a weekly live experiences with Sean and other moms and dads.

Learn parenting tips and ideas during Home-in-Shelter, coping skills and get needed connect and inspiration!

Live Q and A

Ask Sean a parenting question and he will reply to your question!

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Miss a class? No problem! Watch the Club Video Replays on your own time!

"We are so glad we found your parenting modern teens platform - the zoom calls are great - productive and hilarious."

German and Nicole
Parents of two




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One-Month Parents Club
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"Being The Best You"
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Club + Masterclass + Coaching


"Being The Best You"
Parenting Teens Masterclass  (1-Year)
Six-Weeks of Parents Club
Four Private Coaching Sessions
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"During times of uncertainty and change, it's comforting knowing I have reliable encouragement and training every week!"

Mom to four

Some Recent Questions Members Have Asked Sean

Ask Sean live or email him your question!

“My freshmen son goes from 0 to 10 very quickly. He yells at us. He is addicted to video games. Nothing we do seems to work. What can we do?"


“How do I respond to my daughter who is asking us, "How can I explode?"


"My son snaps at me often. He doesn't eat well or take care of himself and is on screens even more than before (which was too much!) during this Shelter-in-Place.  How do I break this pattern, and how do I respond when he says he doesn't care about me or my feelings?"


"My 17-year-old son refused to get off his video game and come to the family movie what could I have done?"


"My son doesn't want to wake up or get up. He wants to lay in bed late, and when I try to talk to him about it, or even parent him, he gets quiet, shuts down, and complains. We call him "One-Word-Nathan. He refuses to talk to engage, it's so frustrating. Should can I do?"


“My 17-year old son is staying up late playing his guitar and making noise and keeping my daughter up who is home from college. She is very upset and is threatening to move back to her college apartment, what should I do?”


“What does a parent pep-talk sound like?”


“Why I ask my 12-year-old son to get off his game and come to our 9 am home school, he ignores me. In fact, he ignores my husband often as well, even when asks him to play soccer or hang out. I am trying not to do my Reactions, what should I do?”


“"What is a healthy amount of screen time during Shelter-In-Place?" 


“Are kids allowed to give parents cards?” (A question about the "Card System from the Masterclass.


“My daughter gets very aggressive, sharp and mean with her comments when she is angry. She wants to rage and we keep telling her that would be inappropriate."


"What do I do when my son walks out of a family meeting?"


"What do I do when my son says he doesn't care?”


"What do I when I ask my daughter what she is feeling and she says, "I don't know." 


"I seem to be caving a lot and I can't break the cycle. Can you help me?"


"How do I speak with a teen boy who walks out of his bedroom, says "Shut up, leave me alone" and then asks mew to make him a bagel?"


“How to respond when a 16 year old wants to got to the park during shelter-in-place, but mom's nice dinner is about to be done, and he doesn't want to come?"


"My kids are out of school next week which means they have more free time. And this means they have more opportunity to get in trouble. I find myself getting stuck in the cycle of reminding and can't get out, and it's going to get worse now that they have all this free time. And despite all this, they still don't listen to me, do things like their chores, and then I have a hard time following through."  


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