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How To Parent Your Child/Teen Into Great Behavior, High EQ-Skills, And A Close Heart Connection --- Without Yelling, Reminding, Punishments Or Other Stupid Stuff!

..and Solve Your Painful Parenting Problem ASAP!

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Get The Tools You Need To Solve Your Problems and Build The Home Your Want!

"The Parents Club is a window into the life-changing TOOLS that Sean teaches. He is a master at connecting with parents and teens/children and helping us to have happy homes."

Mom to two

Let's Solve Those Painful Behaviors and Build Peaceful Homes!


"I am confident this will change your life...and the life of your family.

This isn't little videos on social media. Or some lame, boring course. This is an interactive, life-changing, parenting experience.

It will help you to thrive in the crazy and challenging emotions of parenting and educate and empower you with life-changing parenting tools."

-Sean Donohue  

"How Do I Use The Parents Club?"

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"Sean,I cannot even express to you how grateful I am for The Parents Club! I have learned and re-learned so much from this experience. Everything isn't roses and rainbows, but looking back on the path I was on literally scares me. I have had many glimpses of positive growth in me and my kids, and am now hopeful for the future!"

Mom to four

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"We are so glad we found your parenting modern teens platform - the zoom calls are great - productive and hilarious."

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Your Membership Includes...

+A Weekly Live Zoom Experience With Sean Donohue. 

Live Q and A, role-playing and rawness. (Optional attendance)

+The Parenting Teens Masterclass Video Libray 

25 Life-Changing Parenting Videos From Sean

(Good for parents with kids of all ages)

+Being The Best You"

A Helpful EQ Assessment/Tool for Parents and Tweens/Teens

+Sean's Parenting E-Book, 

"The Masterclass Parents Toolbox" Tools, ideas, skills and activities!

+Be encouraged by other parents in the Club

+Access to Video Replays of every past Club

+PDF The "Roles of a Parent" activity

+PDF "7 Consequences/Ideas Which Break Defiance and Screen Addiction That Reach Teen's Hearts"

+Email access to Sean Donohue**

"Why Should I Join The Parents Club?"

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Learn How To Stop Punishing, Yelling, Time-Outs and Grounding and...

Reach Your Kids Hearts.


"Sean,“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your dedication to the Parents Club and motivating me to be a better parent. Through the Parents Club, I have found that it takes much self-awareness to identify my “Buttons” and “Reactions” as a parent. The next step was to help my kids identify those and eventually move into a “Win-Win”. What a year it has been! There have been highs and there have been lows, but I feel like I have had the support to turn things around quickly. The lessons, the role play, the “30-Second Success Stories” and Q&A have been so helpful. I feel like I can speak truthfully without judgement and receive feedback and advice (even though sometimes it is tough). I love Thursday Parents Club. I feel like in a way, it has saved my family. We still have work to do, but we are in a much better place with your support.” "

Mom to three

Includes A Weekly, Online, Live, Zoom Experience With Sean Donohue

Live Parent Coaching From Sean!

Live Q and A with Sean!

Live Role-Playing With Sean!

Recorded Video Replays Of Every Club

Talk To Sean In Zoom

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Every Thursday*

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Live, Interactive, Parent Coaching From Sean

Hide your face or show it. Be as private as you'd like. Attend anytime you want.

Live Q and A

Ask (or email) Sean a parenting question and he will reply to your question in the Club!** (see guidelines below)

Free Club Replays

Miss a Club? No problem! Watch the Club Video Replays on your own time!

**The Parents Club doesn't meet on the week of some holidays or if Sean is sick or on vacation ...

**Sean will reply to members' emails Monday-Thursday within 72 business hours. 

The email reply will not have coaching or advice but will point you to a specific video or to tell you that he will address you in the Parents Club.

One question per week per family. Please keep your question under 150 words. Time permitting, Sean will try to answer every question!

Lives Changed 👉🏻

"I was stuck and struggling to be effective. The Masterclass taught me new TOOLS and gave me CONFIDENCE.
I followed Sean's advice...and we are happy again! "


 Solve Problems...Quickly!

Quickly Learn New Tools Which Make Parenting Easier and More Enjoyable:


Heart Talks. Win/Wins. Positive Discipline. Boundaries. Inspiration. Break Screen Addiction. Emotional Consequences. Quit Enabling. Stop Defiance. Healthy communication.

Solve Everyday Problems Like...


 ✔︎ Screen/Gaming/Social media use or addiction

✔︎ Disrespect to parents

✔︎ Poor teen communication skills 

✔︎Sibling fighting or bullying

✔︎ Lack of family time or closeness

✔︎ Acting out, defiance and rebellion

✔︎ Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse

✔︎ Selfishness and entitlement

✔︎ Lying and hiding

✔︎ Poor school efforts


✔︎ Anxiety and teen depression

✔︎ Worry/Perfection-ism

✔︎ Teens who hate therapy 

✔︎ Teens who refuse to change/grow

✔︎ Aggression towards others

✔︎ Angry outbursts/swearing

✔︎ Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends

Bring out the best in yourself...and your family!

"The Parents Club is a great place to come together and share the good and the bad parenting experiences we've had - and get great feedback and coaching from Sean on how to better communicate!"

Mom to three

Educational and Inspirational Videos From Sean

✔︎ Watch the videos in bed!

✔︎ Listen as you drive!

✔︎ Send a video to your spouse!

✔︎ Watch with your spouse/teen! 

Easy To Learn!

✔︎Like a Netflix show, the class videos are watched in order.

✔︎Go at your own pace. Unlimited rewatch. Send to a spouse. Watch with your tween/teen.

✔︎Go at your own Pace! Finish the Masterclass in a couple of days, a week, a month, or extend it over time! (Monthly Subscribers: Cancel anytime.)

✔︎Start learning in the first 10 minutes!

✔︎See class details below

"Dear Sean...After watching your first 2 videos I've started to feel like there is hope to make things better for everyone in my little family...and it is a good feeling... in fact at the end of the second video I actually cried happy tears because I felt like I had finally found someone who I can learn from and I can do it any time of day or night!"


Pick The Experience That Is Best For You


+ A One-Time $19 Membership Fee (Cancel Anytime)

Parenting Masterclass Video Course + Parents Toolbox E-Book

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Some Questions Members Have Asked Sean

Ask Sean live or email him your question!



"My freshmen son goes from 0 to 10 very quickly. He yells at us. He is addicted to video games. Nothing we do seems to work. What can we do?"


"My daughter will not speak with me. She calls me "annoying", "mean" and says she doesn't like me. How do I engage her and heal our relationship?"


"How do I coach my kids to use the communication tools I am learning from you?"


"My 9-year old son has serious anger issues. He behaves well at school but not at home. How can I break this cycle?"


"When my son acts out he will later calm down and say, "I am sorry", but I don't feel like he is really sorry. Worst of all, it's not breaking the pattern of his acting this way. I am at a loss, what can I do to break this cycle with him?"


"We need to have a family meeting about screen time for the summer. Our boys expect to be able to be on screens all day in the summer from 8am until bedtime. When we try to have a family meeting, our boys gang up together against us - they don't want to talk about it, they immediately shut down, they don't want to find a win/win. They yell and say that all their friends get to play all day long. Anything we try to do to make the meeting fun (ice cream sundaes, etc...) is rejected.  

Any advice about how to approach this with them?" 


"I’m working hard to rebuild my relationship with my 15-year-old daughter. We are using your tools and making good progress, but then I’ll make a mistake it brings her back to square one. She gets hopeless and says I will never change. What can I do?”


"I am using your tools to create win/wins with my three teens. My 18-year-old choose to not attend the Family Meeting so his two sisters and moved forward and made some progress, but now the 18-year is complaining and not on board, what should I do?"


"We started family meetings and they are going great, but I have noticed we have a meltdown or flare up a few days after. How can I break this pattern?"


"I got these nice "voucher cards" from my 15-year old son for Mother's Day. I used one for a long hike, but he whined and complained the whole time. He ruined it. Here is how I handled it...What else could I have done?"


"I am stuck in a loop with my 13-year-old daughter. She will share her feelings about wanting to be totally unlimited on her cell phone often, but I/we can't seem to get our of this same conversation! Help please."


"My 6 and 9-year-old, they are less able to explain their emotions and mostly just get angry and break down, as opposed to my 12 years old who will talk back and is very vocal. How do I use these tools with younger kids?"


"My son snaps at me often. He doesn't eat well or take care of himself and is on screens even more than before (which was too much!) during this Shelter-in-Place.  How do I break this pattern, and how do I respond when he says he doesn't care about me or my feelings?"


"My 17-year-old son refused to get off his video game and come to the family movie what could I have done?"


"My son doesn't want to wake up or get up. He wants to lay in bed late, and when I try to talk to him about it, or even parent him, he gets quiet, shuts down, and complains. We call him "One-Word-Nathan. He refuses to talk to engage, it's so frustrating. Should can I do?"


"My 17-year old son is staying up late playing his guitar and making noise and keeping my daughter up who is home from college. She is very upset and is threatening to move back to her college apartment, what should I do?"


"What does a parent pep-talk sound like?"


"Why I ask my 12-year-old son to get off his game and come to our 9 am home school, he ignores me. In fact, he ignores my husband often as well, even when asks him to play soccer or hang out. I am trying not to do my Reactions, what should I do?"


“"What is a healthy amount of screen time during Shelter-In-Place?"


“Are kids allowed to give parents cards?” (A question about the "Card System from the Masterclass.


“My daughter gets very aggressive, sharp and mean with her comments when she is angry. She wants to rage and we keep telling her that would be inappropriate."


"What do I do when my son walks out of a family meeting?"


"What do I do when my son says he doesn't care?”


"What do I when I ask my daughter what she is feeling and she says, "I don't know." 


"I seem to be caving a lot and I can't break the cycle. Can you help me?"


"How do I speak with a teen boy who walks out of his bedroom, says "Shut up, leave me alone" and then asks mew to make him a bagel?"


“How to respond when a 16 year old wants to got to the park during shelter-in-place, but mom's nice dinner is about to be done, and he doesn't want to come?"


"My kids are out of school next week which means they have more free time. And this means they have more opportunity to get in trouble. I find myself getting stuck in the cycle of reminding and can't get out, and it's going to get worse now that they have all this free time. And despite all this, they still don't listen to me, do things like their chores, and then I have a hard time following through."  


"Sean, the teen years are the worst! Is is too late?"

Watch this if you have teenagers


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