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"Highly recommend this class to EVERY PARENT of teenagers!

Very informative and encouraging!" 

Jen - Mother of Two

This Class Is For Parents Who Are...

...sick of the bad behavior.

...sick of reminding.

...sick of the disrespect and rudeness.

...sick of the "cycle".

...sick of feeling frustrated and powerless.

And who want more peace, joy and obedience in their home!

Meet Your Parent Coach

Sean Donohue

✔️Coached thousands of parents, teens over 20+ years

✔️Known as the "Teen SuperNanny"

✔️Family Coaching pioneer

✔️Popular parent-ed speaker

✔️Loves chips and salsa, camping and concerts

✔️Father to three passionate girls

✔️5,000+ Instagram Followers as the.Family.Coach

Join Thousands of Parents of Teens Who Have Taken This Class

Hello, I'm Sean Donohue.

Wow, raising a modern teen is hard! If you feel lost, you are not alone!

Even for a man who has spent 20+ years coaching teens, and who some call the "Teen SuperNanny," raising my modern daughters is challenging.

We have all heard this story: Teen acts poorly...parent reacts with yelling, avoiding, grounding or taking electronics away...repeat...repeat... and in time, the relationship breaks down.

Sound familiar?

I saw this painful, vicious cycle occurring in a number of great families.

Then, as a father, I saw the cycle happening with my own home.  Oh no. I never wanted that cycle with my kids. I wanted to be close and connected. I thought, "There has to be a better way to parent teens!" 

Then, I found it. TOOLS.

Parents need good PARENTING TOOLS: proven tools which make parenting easier and more peaceful - and TOOLS which gets positive results!

These TOOLS have changed my family, and thousands of others,

and they can change yours, too.


"5 Stars!

Sean keeps it relevant and simple and he speaks with passion and wisdom. I love the parts about teens and power!"

-Suzy, Mom of two

Learn the 3 Parenting Tools Which Make Parenting Teens So Much Easier-And More Enjoyable!

These TOOLS will get your teen to listen to communicate...and to thrive.

Learn Why The Old Ways of Parenting Don't Work With Modern Teens!

Learn the TOP 5 MISTAKES that parents make with modern teenagers! (Hint: You are probably making some of them!)

Learn Why Some Parenting Approaches Are Better Than Others

There is not one way to be a good parent - but learn why some ways are better than others.

"When you start implementing the TOOLS into your daily life, you begin to see the changes in your teen!"


For Moms and Dads Who Want...

...Obedience and Respect.

...Great Communication.

...Chores and Teamwork

...Being Close With Their Teen!


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Parents Say...

“Sean has been a great help to us as we strive to create boundaries and understand our son's struggles. He has great tools to help parents communicate more clearly and to hear what their child is saying.”

-Kathy, Mother of five


“Sean gives parents the tools you need to have effective, positive communication. He helped us course correct the negative patterns we had fallen into and today, we're able to lead with love and respect first. 

As parents, he helped us understand our kids. Who they are, who they are trying to be. That was probably the best gift of all. Within two weeks, we went from constantly criticizing to appreciating the people they are trying to become. He helped us replace yelling and the silent treatment with listening and understanding.” 

- Renee, Mother of three


“Our son went through defiance issues and separation from the family.  Let's just say he never came out of his room and stayed on his chat group 24/7.  It's called screen addiction.  

We had tried other traditional therapist which made no impact in our son’s defiance or “screen addiction”.  

Sean helped us understand our teen and showed us new ways of communicating.  We are now a happy family once more. I am so grateful for all Sean has done for our family.

– Kimberly, Mother of three


“Sean was extraordinarily helpful to us as parents. Perhaps most valuable were his TOOLS and encouragement that helped us and pushed us to be more thoughtful and deliberate about what we wanted from our household and family, and how to create the boundaries and behaviors to get there.”

– Steve, Father of two


Our son has the tools to navigate social connections and is better equipped to address his struggles.  Sean worked with us to improve communication at home as well.    If you have a child that is struggling or stunted in any way I would suggest beginning a dialogue with Sean on how best to get help. 

-Chris, Father of Four


“I was stuck and struggling to be effective.  This parenting course taught me new TOOLS and gave me CONFIDENCE. I followed Sean's advice...and we are happy again!

– Karen, Mother of two

House Rules for Teenagers - Free PDF!

Get ready to be wowed!

This is the House Rules document we give to our coaching clients.

Let us know where to send it.

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Parenting Teens is Soooooo Hard....

If you are hurting, you are not alone.

If you feel like you are the only one in pain, you are not.

Parents often hide this pain from others. It can be hard to share...or even embarrassing. 

I talk to a parent in pain...everyday. Everyday.

If you are in pain...

If your teen is rude and disrespectful...or avoidant...

If your teen is defiant...

If your teen is using drugs/vaping...

If your teen acts like and angel outside the house and like a...not a nice person...inside the house...

You are not alone.

Teens can be jerks. 

I love teens - but it's true!

They can avoid, yell, shut down and hide in a screen. Teenagers can be selfish, impulsive, lazy, deceptive, rude and...

Can you identity with any of these statements?

"My teens doesn't listen to me!

"I am sick of feeling shut out."

“I constantly feel unappreciated and taken advantage of."

“I can't get my teenager to study more, do chores or mature.... and don't understand why."

"I feel all I do is yell..I hate it."

"I feel like I am failing as a parent."

Picture this...


✔︎ Your teen comes to the dinner table on time and then, without asking, starts cleaning the dishes.

✔︎  The weekend is here and your teen asks you, "Do you want to do something together?"

✔︎  You're enjoying your morning coffee and you look up and see your teen has eaten a healthy breakfast and is ready for school...on time.

✔︎  After months/years of struggling, you finally have confidence that your teenager is drug and vape free.

✔︎  It's a school night, and you peak in your teen's room ready to say "it's time to put the screen down and go to bed", and you see they are already asleep.

✔︎  You give your teen some money to go out with friends, and they look you in the eye and say, "Thank you. I love you. I will make good choices tonight." 

✔︎  Go to bed every night feeling like a great parent and confident that you are rockin' this parenting thing... 

This is not a fantasy.  This is how it can be for you. A home of peace, ease, closeness and harmony.

These are real life stories that we have heard from parents who have used our TOOLS.

We COACH teens to become mature, responsible, successful, young adults...

and we COACH parents to make parenting teens easier, more peaceful and more enjoyable.

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