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Using Mindfulness Tools to Improve Your Parenting and Your Life

A Class Series For Parents of Kids, Tweens and Teens


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Do you ever ask yourself, 'Why does my kid drive me nuts?!'


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with stress, anxiety or worry?


Sean Potts teaches tried-and-true ways for parents (and grandparents) to:


1. BREAK OUT OF CODEPENDENCY and trying to control/please your kid and spouse/co-parent.


2. Learn the SELF-CARE practices you need to sustain you in your family life...and beyond.


3. DEVELOP RESILIENCE so that you are not overwhelmed when your kid doesn’t act the way you want.


4. Know when to assert your power...and when to SHARE POWER WITH YOUR KID.


You spend four 30-minute sessions (followed by open discussion) with me and other parents learning mindfulness tools and practices that sage parents have used throughout the years to let go of self-centeredness and learn to love in a generous way.  

The tools I offer during these four short weeks help you turn your most challenging parenting moments into opportunities to awaken your deeper wisdom.  By learning to make better choices in yourself, you can create more freedom for yourself and your teen. 


"It’s a comfortable, safe environment. No pressure or expectations. Well deserved 5/5 stars! Thank you Sean Potts for everything!! "

Meg B.
Mother and Grandmother

Zoom Call - Be Comfortable and Private

You can easily block your face, or show your face, during this class or any Zoom call.

You will not be called on during this class and you can sit quietly and simply 100% observe the class if you'd like.

Or you can choose to use the group text to interact with Sean and the group!

For over twenty years, Sean Potts has helped young people and adults develop mindfulness and find more space in their everyday lives.  

He offers online coaching and classes teaching emotional intelligence (EQ), clear communication and conflict exploration/resolution with Parenting Modern Teens.

""Sean brings great passion and knowledge to his mindfulness courses. You know that you are with a teacher that cares about you and your experience.”"

Jeremy L.
Fitness Trainer - Ojai, CA

"Sean Potts is a phenomenal coach! He is very welcoming, hospitable, understanding, and really does care about the people he works with. "

Ben S.
Oakland, CA

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