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Do You Have Any Of These Problems in Your Home?

✔︎ Painful parent/Kid/Family relationships and dynamics
✔︎ Screen over-use or addiction
✔︎ Disrespect to parents
✔︎ Aggression/angry outbursts/rage
✔︎ Avoidance or ignoring parenting
✔︎ Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
✔︎ Defiance or rebellion
✔︎ Struggles with chores and responsibilities 
✔︎ Poor time management or executive functioning
✔︎ Painful anxiety or depression

We Can Solve
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"Therapy didn't work. It didn't give us tools. Coaching did. We got the TOOLS we needed, and our lives changed!"

Mother of Three

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Hello, I'm Sean Donohue

and you have probably never heard of a coaching experience like this before.

As we all know, raising a modern child/teen is hard! If you feel lost or stuck, you are not alone.

Even for a man who has spent 20+ years coaching young people, and who some call "The Family Coach" or the "Teen SuperNanny," raising my three modern daughters can be challenging.

We have all heard this story: Child/Teen acts poorly...parent reacts with yelling, avoiding, pleasing, caving or grounding ...repeat...repeat... and in time, the relationship breaks down.

This is painful. This is unhealthy.

I see this painful, vicious cycle occurring in a number of great families.

I intensely studied this cycle. I knew there had to be a way to break it and replace it with something better.

Then, I found it. TOOLS.

Young people need EQ TOOLS for life:

Life skills, coping skills, communication skills, anger management, self-control tools, self-esteem tools. Tools to thrive with screens, stress, power-struggles, anxiety, social issues, siblings, and countless others issues.

(They should be teaching our tools in every school!)

They don't teach them, so we do.

...And modern parents need good PARENTING TOOLS:

Powerful tools that quickly solve painful problems. Tools that make parenting easier and more enjoyable!

EQ tools which help parents thrive with their emotions, their reactions, their communication, their healthy parenting. 

Good TOOLS will solve ANY problem. Any behavior. 

These TOOLS have changed thousands of kids, teens, parents, and families...including my own...

And they can change yours, too.

If your child/teen needs good tools.

If you need some new parenting tools or ideas to solve your everyday problems. 

We are here. Take action. Get them.

Don't sit in the pain. Solve it.

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Picture this...

✔︎ Your tween comes to the dinner table on time and then, without asking, starts cleaning the dishes.

✔︎ You're enjoying your morning coffee and you look up and see your child has eaten a healthy breakfast and is ready for school...on time.

✔︎ After months/years of struggling, you finally have confidence that your teenager is drug and vape free.

✔︎ It's a school night, and you peak in your kid's room ready to say, "it's time to put the screen down and go to bed," and you see they are already asleep.

✔︎ You give your teen some money to go out with friends, and they look you in the eye and say, "Thank you. I love you. I will make good choices tonight." 

✔︎ It's a quiet evening, and your kid asks you, "Do you want to do something together?"

✔︎ Go to bed every night feeling like a great parent and confident that with these parenting TOOLS, you are rockin' this parenting thing... 

This is not a fantasy.  This is how it can be for you. 

These are real-life stories that we have heard from parents who have used our TOOLS.

"My COACH was a constant mentor - steering me away from murky waters and leading me in the way of honor, wisdom and maturity."

High School Student

We Change Lives

We are Coaches.

We specialize in coaching high-level EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills and tools to parents, children, teens and 20s. Both neurotypical and neurodivergent.

Our unique, one-of-a-kind approach combines elements from traditional talk therapy, positive mentoring, D.B.T., life-coaching, executive functioning counseling, life-skills, behaviorists, interventionists, mindset, attachment theory, drug-counseling, addiction counseling, trauma therapy, positive parenting, and of course, our own secret sauce.

Because every family is different, our clients receive personalized attention and a custom coaching experience.

"When you start implementing the Sean's Parenting TOOLS into your daily life, you begin to see the changes in your teen!"


"Sean - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for your classes and parent coaching! I just love your message, your presentation, and methods. I have been binge learning all week from you. #newbiggestfan "

Lisa S.

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