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Parents, Do You Have Any Of These Problems With Your Kids?

✔︎ A struggling child/teenager
✔︎ Painful parent/kid/family relationships
✔︎ A negative behavioral pattern "Here we go again."
✔︎ Screen over-use or screen addiction
✔︎ Disrespect to parents
✔︎ Aggression, angry outbursts or rage
✔︎ Avoidance or ignoring parents
✔︎ Child with low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
✔︎ Defiance, rebellion, out-of-control behavior
✔︎ Struggles with school, chores or responsibilities 
✔︎ Poor time management or executive functioning
✔︎ Painful teen anxiety or teen depression

We Can Help You With 
Any Problem you Have...

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We help parents and kids solve painful patterns/behaviors...and thrive!

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What Parents Have Said...

"Traditional therapy didn't work. It didn't give my son tools. Or me support or ideas. This coaching did. We got the TOOLS we needed, and our lives changed!"

Mother of Three

"When you start implementing the Sean's Parenting TOOLS into your daily life, you begin to see the changes in your teen!"


"My COACH was a constant mentor - steering me away from murky waters and leading me in the way of honor, wisdom and maturity."

High School Student

"Sean - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for your classes and parent coaching! I just love your message, your presentation, and methods. I have been binge learning all week from you. #newbiggestfan "

Lisa S.