"Coaching Changed My Teen's Life!" ---Mother of Two
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We developed a new approach to supporting teenagers, and for many, it's something better.

-Sean Donohue, Founder

Coronavirus Update:

We are currently meeting with teenagers and parents from around the country EVERYDAY via FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

Our powerful video-chat coaching experience is a perfect fit to support teenagers during this challenging and emotional time of social distancing.

Our team of FIVE highly trained coaches is here and ready to meet with tweens, teens and college-age students.

Contact us today to book a session or for a free consultation. 


"Our PMT Coach gave our daughter great tools and skills to better love herself, believe in herself, set boundaries for herself, and respect herself. He also gave my husband and me great tools for holding her accountable for her actions and attitude."

Mother of Four

"Therapy didn't work. It didn't give us tools. Coaching did. We got the TOOLS we needed, and our lives changed!"

Mother of Three

PMT Coaching Helps With

Stress management and conflict skills
Parent/Teen relationships
Acting out and rebellion
Building self-esteem and confidence
Emotion Coaching
Communication skills

Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse
Stop lying and being honest
Gaming/social media addiction
Disrespect to parents/authority
Discover their passion and purpose
Focus, grit, motivation and growth-mindset
Doing better in school
Overcoming anxiety and depression

Teens who hate therapy 
Teens who refuse to change/grow
College issues or preparing for college
Making good choices
Aggression towards others
Sibling fighting 
Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends

Bringing out the best in your teen!

Resistant? Defiant? Mean? Vaping? Screen Addicted? Drugs? Out-of-Control? Hates Therapy? Considering Boarding School?

"My COACH was a constant mentor - steering me away from murky waters and leading me in the way of honor, wisdom and maturity."

High School Student

We Coach Teens To Become Mature, Responsible, Successful Adults!

Teen Coaching Is ...

Proven: A structured, in-home (or video call) experience with proven outcomes. See our many testimonies and Yelp reviews! We can also meet with teens at Starbucks, while shooting hoops, hiking or doing an activity.

Life-Changing: Your teen learns invaluable TOOLS, life skills and EQ education which transform behavior. 

Access to the "Being the Best You" personality assessment and the "Teen EQ Toolbox".

Mentorship:​ With a skilled, caring PMT Coach.



""My teen and I were on a very difficult path. Our PMT Coach pushed her in ways that I couldn't, and now she is a joy to be around. There was a 180ΒΊ turnaround in her behavior and attitude."

Mother of Three




We help teens to know themselves, love themselves,
and live a mature, responsible, maximized life.

We help teens learn important life skills like conflict communication, self-care, growth-mindset, goal-setting, and self-control.​

We help teens improve their relationships
with their family and choose positive friends.​

"Learning to properly communicate emotions is an amazing life skill that I can now say I have been developing thanks to PMT. I am thankful for the many tools taught to me."

College Student

Is Your Teen Really Struggling?

1 Hour Session - $200

We Come To Your Home! (SF Bay Area + Sacramento Metro Exclusive)
Or Meet Video Chat (Worldwide)


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