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Get The Parenting Tools to Help Your Child and Positively Address (and Solve) Your Child's Specific Painful Patterns or Behaviors.

...and Lead Your Family Into Harmoney, EQ Tools, and Good Choices

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Tools To Positively Address & Solve Painful Patterns and Behaviors Like

  •  Painful parent/Kid/Family relationships and dynamics
  •  Screen addiction/screen over-use
  •  Disrespect to parents
  •  Aggression/angry outbursts/rage
  •  Shutting down or shutting someone out
  •  Snapping, meanness or poor communication skills
  •  Lack of care, kindness, remorse
  •  Sibling fighting 
  •  Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
  •  Acting out, defiance and rebellion
  •  Low self-esteem or confidence
  •  Low EQ or Self Awareness
  •  Struggles with chores 
  •  Poor hygiene 
  •  Poor diet or food issues
  •  Refuses to leave the house to be social or live a balanced life
  •  Poor time management or executive functioning
  •  Struggles with academic stress
  •  Overthinking
  •  Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse
  •  Lying, sneakiness, stealing
  •  Trouble discovering their passion or purpose
  •  Low grit, motivation or a “fixed mindset”
  •  Poor school efforts, motivation, laziness
  •  School refusal
  •  Avoidance/Isolation
  •  Being irresponsible or immature
  •  Painful anxiety or depression
  •  Worry/Perfection-ism
  •  Says mean things about themself
  •  Impulsive behavior
  •  Refuses therapy/coaching 
  •  Social skills struggles or loneliness
  •  20's/College pressures or preparing for college or adulthood
  •  Co-Parenting Issues
  •  Blended family issues


There are TOOLS to help your child, positively address, and solve these issues.

We'd love to give them to you.


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What Is Parent Coaching?

Get help with your children, ages 2-25


We all need good tools.

LIFE-CHANGING:  Painful patterns and bad behavior are so frustrating. Our kids can affect every aspect of our adult lives. Sean will teach you the specific parenting tool to solve your specific challenge. He can show you how to solve ANY problem. Change is coming. Relief is here! 

A PERSONAL experience with proven positive outcomes - read our reviews!

EDUCATIONAL: Learn scientifically-proven, modern Positive Parenting priciples and high-level "Emotional Intelligecne" skills. 

Access to the "Being the Best You" parenting assessment and the "EQ Parents Toolbox".


"Sean's unique ability to get down to the personal level with genuine care is remarkable. He is a life changer and would recommend him to ANY group or family that is in need of some help, counseling and guidance."

Jason B
Danville, CA


✔︎ The specific details and do's and don't to overcome the specific painful family issue you are dealing with.

✔︎ How to get your children to listen, obey, and hear your heart...and parent with Win/Wins!

✔︎ How to be close to your teen and get them to communicate well. How thrive with "Heart Talks".

✔︎ Positive Parenting Tools: How to be an authoritative parent who gives good boundaries, and is also close and connected.


✔︎ How to create unity with your spouse or co-parent.


✔︎ Get your children to communicate kindly with you...and with each other.


✔︎ How to break your old, negative parenting patterns


Free Support

Every family needs structure and order, here is a free parenting tool.


Let me know where to send it.

"If you want someone to come in and really make a difference to your parent/teen relationship in a SHORT amount of time, definitely do this."

Santa Cruz, CA


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