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Parent Coaching is a Life-Changing, Short Experience!

Most parents only have to meet with Sean one or a few times to get the quick change and help they are looking for!

We Help Make Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!





A PERSONAL experience with proven positive outcomes - read our reviews!

EDUCATIONAL: Get new parenting tools, skills and get fresh ideas. 

Access to the "Being the Best You" parenting assessment and the "Parent Toolbox".

TRANSFORMATIONAL​: Walk away with solutions and new ideas!

Do you prefer learning through Parenting Videos or Group Experiences??

"Sean's unique ability to get down to the personal level with a genuine care is remarkable. He is a life changer and would recommend him to ANY group or family that is in need of some help, counseling and guidance."

Jason B
Danville, CA


How to overcome the parenting issues you are dealing with.

How to get your children to listen and obey...and parent with Win/Wins!

How to be close to your teen and get them to communicate well.

How to be an authoritative parent who gives good boundaries yet is close.

How to create unity with your spouse or co-parent.

Get your children to communicate kindly with you...and with each other.

How to become comfortable using new parenting tools.


"If you want someone to come in and really make a difference to your parent/teen relationship in a SHORT amount of time, definitely do this."

Santa Cruz, CA


Get parenting tools to help with: 

 ✔︎ Screen/Gaming/Social media use or addiction

✔︎ Disrespect to parents

✔︎ Poor teen communication skills 

✔︎ Sibling fighting or bullying

✔︎ Lack of family time or closeness

✔︎ Acting out, defiance and rebellion

✔︎ Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse

✔︎ Selfishness and entitlement

✔︎ Lying and hiding

✔︎ Poor school efforts


✔︎ Anxiety and teen depression

✔︎ Worry/Perfection-ism

✔︎ Teens who hate therapy 

✔︎ Teens who refuse to change/grow

✔︎ Aggression towards others

✔︎ Angry outbursts/swearing

✔︎ Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends


Get Some Support

Every family needs structure and order, here is a free parenting tool.


Let me know where to send it.

Not sure? Schedule a free consult call with Sean

Details Include

-Sessions last 55-60 minutes.

-Monday-Thursday 9-5pm PST

-After hour sessions, or emergency sessions with Sean: $1,000 (upon request)


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