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Frequently Asked Questions

*To be 100% sure if we will travel to your city, please contact us.

We have numerous coaches who live in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento Metro area, who will drive to your home.

Contact us to ask if we will have a Coach drive to your home city!

From Danville to Pleasanton to Benicia to LaMorinda. From Alameda to Hayward and to Berkeley. From El Dorado Hills to Rocklin and to Sacramento. 

We come to you!

We used to serve San Francisco to Mill Valley and down to Fremont, San Jose and San Mateo, but we currently do not. We are in the process of returning to these areas.


We do not take insurance. We can not provide a code.

Yes, we can provide an invoice, a receipt or a "wellness" receipt.

Why? Many insurance companies and corporate businesses now see the value in coaching.

Therefore, many will reimburse their clients for, as long as the client can provide a proper receipt for coaching sessions paid.

Every person is different. Clients start learning new tools very early in the process. They can start applying the TOOLS immediately.

Because our process is so powerful and our Coaches are so skilled, most clients see a difference starting in session two or three, and a major difference in the first month. 

Our goal is for our clients to say, "Coach, I/we have good news! I/We have grown so much in this time with you and with these tools, we feel like we don't need you anymore!"

While they have many things in common, there is a major difference between the two.

As "Family Coaches", we do not provide medical treatment, therapy, psychiatric services medical or mental health services.

Coaching is about learning skills and getting tools for the present, while therapy is focused more on the past.

Coaching is about learning new TOOLS which clients can apply to their daily lives, while therapy is focused more on talk therapy.

Most therapy occurs in offices, while our coaching occurs in your home, at Starbucks or via video call.

Our coaches push and encourage people to grow mature and apply their new TOOLS, while therapy is a much more slow process, where the therapist is more passive.

Therapists provide therapy and medical and licensed counseling services.


Taken from line 15 in our "Terms" page, which is our "Click Agreement"

You understand that Parenting Modern Teens and Sean Donohue Family Coaching conducts business, coaching and wellness counseling through the application of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Wellness.

You understand and agree that Parenting Modern Teens and Sean Donohue Family Coaching does not provide psychiatry, therapy or clinical counseling or other clinically licensed or medical or mental health services to minor, adults or families.

You understand and agree that Parenting Modern Teens and Sean Donohue Family Coaching coaches with a perspective that includes respect and care for self, recognition of the value of every human being, the importance of the family unit and the giftedness and uniqueness of every being.

You understand and agree that Sean Donohue Family Coaching does not accept or provide insurance reimbursement of any kind. We have no code to provide.

You agree and understand that Parenting Modern Teens and Sean Donohue Family Coaching will not provide refunds for prepaid, unused coaching sessions. If the customer decides to not use the coaching sessions they have paid for, that is their personal choice, and no funds or payment will be provided back to the customer.

You understand that all prearranged scheduled coaching sessions, either verbal, written or email, or prepaid engagements, that there is a 24/hour cancellation policy on scheduled coaching sessions. You understand and agree that coaching sessions can not be cancelled within 24 hours for the agree upon session. If a schedule session is not attended, the client will be charged for that session, or it will be counted as a session from their pre-paid sessions.

You understand that we are life coaches who call ourselves family coaches and our coaching work is that we help people, parents and families with healthy and kind communication, good self-care, positive parenting skills and creating wellness in lives and families.

You agree and understand that if a minor has experienced suicide ideation or self-harm that he/she should be treated by a medical licensed professional for these issues, not be an unlicensed life coach or family coach.

The Family Coach is not a licensed mental health specialist or other appropriately qualified health practitioner and I understand the Parent is totally responsible to find and provide for the child proper care.

You understand that any questions or concerns in relation to any communication between the Family Coach and Minor will be brought to Sean Donohue's direct personal attention at the earliest time possible and resolution of those questions and/or concerns will be handled directly with Sean Donohue.


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