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Hey, I'm Sean.

When I was a San Diego teenager growing up in the 90's, my #1 life dream was to one day be a dad. A father. A husband. To have a great, healthy family. To create a loving home. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. 

But no one, unfortunately, taught me the tools that I needed to know to make this happen. And that put me at a tough disadvantage when I became a dad in 2005. I had very few tools. I was a mess. I was NOT the man you see portrayed in my social media videos today.

Angry outbursts one day and I avoided problems the next. Made excuses. Blamed.

I failed at staying calm and connected calm in stressful moments. 

Emotional, harsh discipline that didn't work, and didn't get my kids to behave. Then guilt. Then confusion.

Painful co-parenting arguments with my wife, Danielle.

It was like a dark fog of pain and uncertainty I couldn't see out of; family life was hard. 

(If you’re feeling this, you are not alone.) With no one to turn to, I drowned in a sea of confusion.

But I knew. I knew there was a better way to parent. An easier way. A way to create a loving, peaceful home.

I just had to find it.

And so I did.

I read. I studied parent psychology. Healthy family dynamics. Read stats. Looked at science-based studies. I listened. I dove into "Positive Parenting" practices. I talked to emotional, hurting kids. Screen-addicted tweens. Defiant teenagers. I talked to happy, healthy kids. Successful teens. I studied thriving parents and struggling ones. I asked hard questions. Like a fly on the wall, I was invited into people’s homes and closely observed parent's and kid’s interactions. In the messiness of everyday life. The craziness.

I learned. A lot.

I discovered parenting tools. How some tools were better than others. Some parents were better than others. I discovered the secrets to how parents can be close and connected with their kids. I developed a large parenting toolbox. I learned that all parents need good tools, and how good tools help us connect, solve painful problems, create loving homes and raise amazing kids.

For years, I soaked up every parenting tool I could get my hands on. I invented a few of my own. Tools that we need in our modern, plugged-in world. I was obsessed.  And when I put my new tools into practice with my own family, with my kids, our home transformed into something beautiful and harmonious.

At first, it was weird how amazing (and easy) parenting became for me. It was fun. Beautiful. We were connected. I just had to say certain words and I could create quickly connect, solve problems and build instant cooperation. 

Time passed. I knew there were other parents out there who were exactly like I used to be; struggling and desperately needing help in their lives. I wanted to help. 

I dreamed. I dreamed that one day I could help parents. Help families. It was a big dream. I was a man in a female-dominated space. An alpha male. Who likes football and BBQ. Who isn’t always gentle or sweet. Who doesn’t have a fancy PHD. Who says the word “friggin’ a lot. Will anyone care what I have to say?

Fast forward to today...the dream has come true. 

Today, I’ve helped save thousands of families connect and create love and harmony. Helped stop that spiral. Bad behavioral patterns...and helped them break those cycles and create amazing families.

My social media videos are enjoyed by  many, many millions.

I’ve been invited to countless podcasts and stages. My podcast is now ranked in the Top 10 charts. My coaching has helped thousands.

And I couldn’t have done it without you... so thank you.

But...I understand there are still many struggling parents out there who can relate to my painful story (maybe you).

That’s why I put everything I learned from 20+ years of coaching into creating life-changing experiences... finally eliminate the pain within their family.

I'd love to speak with you.

Meet Us...And Some Happy Clients

We are Coaches.

We specialize in coaching life skills and high-level EQ (Emotional Intelligence) tools to parents, children, teens and 20s. Both neurotypical and neurodivergent.

Our unique, one-of-a-kind approach combines elements from traditional talk therapy, positive mentoring, D.B.T., life coaching, executive functioning counseling, life skills, mindset, attachment theory, interventionists, drug counseling, addiction counseling, trauma therapy, positive parenting, and of course, our own secret sauce.

Because every family is different, our clients receive personalized attention and a custom coaching experience.

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Sean Donohue

Founder, Family Coach, Speaker, Steph Curry Fan, BBQ Master

Over the last 25+ years, Sean has led countless coaching sessions with parents and young people on Zoom, in living rooms, at Starbucks, and while walking in the park...

...and about once a month, a family jokes with him and asks if can move in with them!

Back in 2004, Sean saw the TV show SuperNanny ...and was inspired! He said to his wife Danielle, "I would love to do parents and teens...I should become the Teen SuperNanny!" Years later, that crazy idea became a reality.

Sean has mentored young people who have become Hollywood TV and film stars, YouTube stars, CEOs, TV and news personalities, reality television stars, business entrepreneurs, and college athletes.

More importantly, Sean has helped thousands of young men and women become mature, kind, responsible, successful adults; many of whom have now become happy, healthy parents themselves. 

Sean Donohue graduated from  UC San Diego and has a Masters degree from Golden Gate.

Sean enjoys sports, fishing, backpacking, concerts and connecting with his many followers on social media.

"The Family Coach" on Social Media


200,000+ Followers



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Some of the Shows and Podcasts Sean Has Been Featured On

Sean's interview on the TV show Take 5.


Some of Sean Donohue's Top Parenting Articles

Sean Potts

Teen Coach, Speaker, Ultimate Frisbee Fanatic

Sean Donohue jokes that Sean Potts' youth work actually began when Sean Potts was Student Body President of his Danville,CA high school in 1995.

Over the last 20 years, Sean Potts has worked with teens in many capacities throughout Northern California.

​Sean loves to help teens and adults build close emotional bonds, practice mindfulness of body and mind and find some peace of mind in a go-go-go world.

​“The teen years are difficult for so many of us. I was blessed to have adult mentors and a group of peers who loved me for who I was. Today, I am committed to offering the kind of support that I received as a youth growing up.” 

​Sean Potts graduated from the University of Oregon with Summa Cum Laude honors and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

​Sean plays as much Ultimate Frisbee as a family coaching schedule allows and loves connecting with friends and family.

"Sean Potts has been instrumental in keeping our family united...Some of my skills learned were learning to listen and love despite disagreement...Working with Sean Potts is a priceless investment in your family's future."

Mom Of Two

Sean P's Coaching Profile

Community events.

Helpful articles.

Meet Sean P's family.

Where is Sean P speaking next?

Colleen - Mom

I loved the one-on-one sessions that Sean Potts spent with my son geared towards an activity that my son could relate to. The two formed a lovely bond together.

Sean Potts' Top Articles

Patsy Conner

Teen Coach, Speaker, Dog mom

Patsy Conner has been working with teens for the last decade. She has a passion for coming alongside teenagers and families, helping them restore broken down communication, and empowering them to make healthy individual choices.

Having worked with fifth graders all the way up to college students, she is skilled at creating connections, building trust, and coaching through difficult situations all throughout the teenage and young adult years.

Her experience includes various non-profit work, youth organizations, and vital leadership roles in youth extra curriculars- including youth choirs!

Patsy likes long beach days, beautiful hikes, karaoke, finding good vegan food (even though she isn’t vegan), and snuggling with her Great Dane, Coconut.

Parent Education and Keynotes

Sean and the team of PMT Coaches speak to thousands of parents every year

Inspirational. Educational. Transformational.

The "Speaking Team" of PMT Family Coaches speak to millions of parents, teens and tweens every year through social media and events.  

PMT Founder Sean Donohue is one of the most popular speakers in Northern California.​

PMT Coaches use a unique mix of excellent parent education, relatable humor, audience interaction, powerful story-telling and modern research to educate and inspire Northern California parents.

Contact Us About Speaking and Keynotes

Parents Say...


Parents Say...

"Sean's energy, humor and connection with the audience - 10 out of 10!"-Mom

"Amazing intro, great use of humor, tech and role-playing."-Mom

"Sean role playing and acting like both the parent and the child was incredible."-Mom

-Sean taught me to tune into my own emotions"-Mom


Frequently Asked Questions

Alhambra High School, Martinez

Berean Christian High School, Walnut Creek 

Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg

Boys Team Charity, Alamo/Danville

Bret Harte Middle School, San Jose

Cal High School, San Ramon

Castillero Middle School, San Jose

Chevron World Headquarters, San Ramon

Clayton Valley High School, Clayton

Community Presbyterian Church, Danville

College Park High School, Pleasant Hill

Carondelet High School, Concord

Charlotte Wood Middle School, Danville

Community Presbyterian Church, Danville

Creekside Community Church, Alamo

Creekside Elementary School, Danville

Crestwood Healing Center, Pleasant Hill

De La Salle High School, Concord

Diablo Vista Middle School, Danville

Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon

Dublin High School, Dublin

East Bay Meditation Center, Oakland piscopal Church of the Resurrection, Pleasant HillHearst Elementary School, Pleasanton

Hope Center, Pleasant Hill

Fallon Middle School, Dublin

First Presbyterian Church of Alameda - Alameda, CAale Ranch Middle School, San Ramon

First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley - Berkeley, CAHope Center, Pleasant Hill

John Baldwin Elementary School, Danville

Los Cerros Middle School, Danville

Montair Elementary, Danville

Monte Vista High School, Danville

Mount Diablo Unified School District, Concord

Mothers Together, Various locations

MOPS, Various locations

Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek 

National Charity League, Davis

National Charity League, Danville

Pleasant Hill Middle School, Pleasant Hill

Pleasanton Library, Pleasanton

Rancho Romero Elementary School, Danville

Restore, Concord

Saint Agnes Catholic School, Concord

Saint Isidore's Catholic School Danville

Saint James Episcopal Church, Fremont aint Joan of Arc Church, San Ramon

Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church, Walnut Creek

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek Saint Philip Neri Catholic School, Alameda

Saint Raymond Catholic School, San Ramon

San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Danville

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy, Danville

San Ramon Valley High School, Danville

Stone Valley Middle School, Danville

Tabernacle Christian School, Concord

Valley Bible Church, Dublin

Vista Grande Elementary School, Danville

Walnut Creek Christian Academy, Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek

Wells Middle School, Dublin

WorkDay, Dublin

Click on the "Contact Us About Speaking" button.  We will contact you and discuss your need, answer your questions, and make a plan together.

Our speaking rates vary depending on speaker, venue, audience and location.

A Little Different...

We are not your average parent educators.

First of all - in a speaking world saturated with mostly female speakers, Sean is a man/father which both men and women can relate with.

More than educate parents, we inspire.

We understand that modern parents are exhausted, overwhelmed, and want more than boring charts, scary stories and overwhelming statistics when they attend a parent seminar. 

We engage parents with humor, relatable stories, and hard-hitting action steps! Our audiences walk away both educated and inspired.


A Custom Experience

We can create a custom seminar experience which best supports the parents in your community.

​Or, you can choose from one of our established, proven seminars. (listed below)

Evaluation: We give out surveys are the end of every seminar so we know which seminars are the most highly reviewed; and we work hard to give parents a 10/10 seminar experience!

2023-2024 Speaking Catalog

​How to Help Your Teen Build Grit, Confidence and Emotional Intelligence

How to Communicate To Your Kids So They Will Really Listen And Connect

How to Respond to Vaping, Drugs, Alcohol, Screen Addition and Defiance

What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

How To Emotion Coach Your Teen Through Anger And Anxiety

8 Life Skills All Teens Need

Let’s Talk: An Interactive WORKSHOP for Parents and Teens/Tweens To Communicate With Each Other

Let's Talk: A Interactive Experience for Parents and Teens/Tweens To Discuss... (Pick: Screens, Vaping, Family, etc...)

Contact Us About Speaking

Parents Say...

More Stories Of Lives Changed


Sean is a really good listener and is compassionate about understanding what teenagers are going through. He is very relational and has shown me how to communicate with my peers in a healthy way. I have benefited from his guidance and leadership.


Sean has been a significant factor in my son’s emergence into adulthood with a high degree of capacity and maturity. I’m forever grateful for Sean’s “holding” of Mathew during his middle and high school years; of all the many events, including fireside talks and weekend outings. As a co-parent of boys, I feel Sean has given Mathew an older brother/wise uncle perspective that I never could have individually. And the on-going friendship/mentorship that my son continues with Sean during college breaks and summers is priceless.


Sean began to coach me during my freshman year of high school. I was on a very bad path. I had my insecurities and didn’t follow any rules from my teachers or parents. With regular help and guidance from Sean all through high school, he helped me turn my life around. I am proud to say that today I am a United States Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines at Camp Pendleton.


When I was a single mother struggling to raise a teenage daughter, Sean provided an essential positive male role model in our lives. I always breathed a sigh of relief when my daughter was on an activity with Sean, because I knew that she was safe emotionally and physically. I was confident that Sean was guiding her down a path towards healthy life choices and away from destructive influences. Today my daughter is a college educated, happily married, mother of two, and Sean and his family remain a part of our family. Thank you, Sean!

More Stories Of Lives Changed


Sean has been a beacon of light for my whole family, and especially our children in their teenage years. Every teen needs someone outside of their family who can give them extra insight in lives that are sometimes awkward and have difficult challenges. Sean has been that light to my sons, and I truly cannot imagine our lives without Sean’s support.


Throughout high school Sean has helped me navigate many tough situations such as drinking, friends, guys, self-esteem, and my studies. Like many teenagers, I have struggled with my relationship with my father. Sean helped by talking to us individually and gave us both great tools for communication that made it much easier for us to get along with each other. I am so thankful for all of the wisdom he has shared with me.


Throughout my high school years, Sean was, and still is, a constant friend and mentor, steering me away from murky waters and leading me in the way of honor, wisdom and maturity. As I continue to grow into a man, I will never forget his wisdom and never stop trying to emulate the example he has set for me.


I am so thankful to Sean for all the time, support, wisdom, and influence that he has shown my son, Gabe, throughout his teenage years. His mentoring made a difference in his life and I know that Gabe will be “paying it forward” in the years to come. Today, Gabe is a United States Marine, and I am so proud of the man that my son has become!

More Stories Of Lives Changed


Sean began mentoring me when I was a freshmen in high school. To young people, Sean is extremely relatable, knowledgeable and understanding of the current challenges and struggles in the variety of teen and school ‘worlds.’ He is always reaching out to help, provide resources, and give advice in ways that are so needed to many teens and their families.


I was 15 and going into my freshman year of high school when I first met Sean. I quickly began to see Sean as a mentor. Through the years, he has played a major role in my growth into the man I am today. Sean has always been there to give me sound advice and offer guidance when I get off track. He has a gift for a type of honesty that is straightforward yet kind; this has impacted me and has changed the way I interact in my relationships. I still count Sean as a close friend.



Sean was always the one who kept me on track with my decisions through my high school years and today we are still good friends. I knew that I could always count on Sean to be there for me when I needed advice or an honest opinion about a situation that I was dealing with. I’m very grateful for the compassion and honesty that Sean showed me, as well as how he challenges me to be the best I can be.


Meeting Sean when I was 14 changed the trajectory of my life. Without Sean’s influence I would have continued down a dangerous path, but instead learned tools for navigating through tough circumstances. Looking back I credit Sean with so many of my successes. I simply cannot imagine what life would look like if Sean had not been a part of mine. Now I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jordan Higley (who was also helped by Sean), and the mother of twins.


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