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Transformation Experience

You are invited to join Sean Donohue and a small group of 11 parents for a 30-day, life-changing, parenting experience. 

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I'm Coming Into Your Home!

Well, sort of.

I’ve spent 20+ years helping parents create healthy homes and raising mature tweens/teens and I’ve cultivated it down into a handful of practical parenting tools and action-steps.

You’ll get and master the key parenting tools that will make all the difference for you and your kids.

This 30-day parent coaching program is delivered live, twice weekly, giving you the attention you need to learn, implement and get quick results.

 This is NOT a “dump of a bunch of information on you and good luck with that”. 

I have intentionally designed this learning experience for you. And that’s what it is… an experience. Raw. Real. Interactive.

When you apply the strategies I outline in the 30-Day Transformation Experience, you’ll have a home of more harmony, emotional intelligence, obedience, kindness and win/wins.

When parents implement the 30-Day tools and strategies, they get results. It’s really that simple. 

Join Me This May!

Mondays and Wednesdays*

10am PST (1pm EST), Live, Zoom experiences

Intimate. Intense. Inspiring.


Mondays and Wednesdays*

10am PST (1pm EST), 1 Hour Live, Zoom experiences


2x Weekly Group Zoom Calls*

Join Sean and the small group for live Q and A, role-playing, learn new positive parenting tools...and so much more!

Parent-Ed and Problem Solving with Sean

Learn how to transform yourself and your family! Solve any parenting problem.

Emotional Support

The group will learn, change and grow together. We will support each other.   

Wen - Mom

"I really look forward to this because sometimes I feel like the only person that goes through this."

Kim - Mom

"Sean, I feel like in a way, it has saved my family. We still have work to do, but we are in a much better place with your support.”

Vince - Dad

"Let me say Sean, we have already seen so much positive all of us! She isn't yelling. She is being honest. She is letting me parent her. She is letting me discipline her. She is hearing my heart."

Steve - Dad

"Sean, your Zoom sessions are always so uplifting.  The sharing by parents and how to handle both easier and harder cases are often quite enlightening.  The bonus is that so much can be learned to handle all of life, not just children!"  

L.C. -Mom

"Learning to parent as an emotionally regulated adult is a new and exciting adventure. Thank you for helping me see this, and empowering me with tools and support to emotionally coach my kids from this perspective! Thank you Sean for being AMAZING at what you do and bringing us together for something so meaningful and important!" 

Nicole - Mom

"My husband and I have never, once, not taken something of value from these sessions!"

30-Day Transformation Experience


  • 8 Zoom sessions in 30 Days 
  • The Parenting Teens Masterclass video library and weekly assignments
  • Email access with Sean**
  • "Being The Best You" Parenting Assessment
  • Emotional support from Sean and the group
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All The Tools You Need To Build An Amazing, Modern Family

In 30 Days

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Registration closes May 2.

*Minimum class size is two parents.


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"It Takes a Village..."

Grab some of your close friends or family members and create your own, private, small-group  "30-Day Transformation Experience."   Contact Sean for deatils.

"It's Takes A Village..."

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