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Welcome to Parenting Modern Teens!

If your child/teen is screen-addicted or has developed an unhealthy relationship with a screen, you are in the right place.

We can show you what to do.

Two Great Options!


"10 out of 10! I wish I had met you years ago Sean! This was life-changing!""

Mom of three

The Complete Guide To Break Screen Addiction! 

Taught by Sean Donohue,

Family Coach and Founder of 

Parenting Modern Teens


Making Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!




Sean Donohue has been showing parents how to break screen addiction and overuse for many years.


He has developed a powerful and effective PROCESS which has helped thousands of families and kids/tweens/teens move into a healthy relationship with screens.


He will teach you this life changing process.


Sean Donohue is a Family Coach and the founder of and speaks to thousands of parents and teens every year.

He has coached and mentored parents and teens for 20+ years and is known worldwide as the "The Teen SuperNanny."

Learn Our Process Which Breaks Any Screen Addiction!

The Complete Guide Includes...


This experience includes the step-by-process which has helped thousands of teens/tweens and families.

✔︎ Live Zoom experience with Sean Donohue. Live teaching. Live Q and A. Live role-playing! Ask Sean anything! 

🔑 Sean will teach you why reaching the heart is essential in breaking a screen addiction, and a secret on how to reach a closed or defiant heart.

✔︎ Can't make the live Zoom? No problem! All parents will get the Class Recording! (Rewatch this anytime or you share the video with your co-parent)

✔︎ Can't wait for your upcoming live Zoom experience with Sean? Watch a previous Zoom class On-Demand right now!

✔︎ The E-Book : 65 page e-book of tools, steps, stages and creative ideas!  


The E-Book Includes:

🔑 The Process: The Steps and Stages to Break Teen Screen Addiction.

🔑 Creative Ideas Which Break Screen Addiction and Defiance! 


*Get these instantly upon registration


E-Book Details

Page 9 - Learn how to reach their Head and their Heart

Page 12 - Learn why screen contracts don’t work with some teens

Page 13 - Learn why emotions and trust is where the real battle lies

Page 16 - Learn a parenting structure that works for screen-addicted kids/tweens/teens

Page 18 - Learn what to do if your teen has Ds and Fs in school

Page 27 - Learn a tool to get your kids off screens at night.

Page 29 - Learn a tool that helps kids live a life of balance!

Page 38 - Learn a powerful action step that reaches their hearts

Page 40 - Learn a life-changing parenting tool that helps defiant and screen-addicted kids break free and change!

Page 48 - If your addicted teen gets abusive or violent, learn some action steps.

Page 43 - Learn about the “Detox Stage” and what to do.

Page 52 - Learn some creative tools when your addicted teen starts manipulating, exploding or tries to punish you.

Page  54 - Learn what to do in the “Boredom Stage”.

Page 56  - Learn how to reach the Win/Win Stage!

Page 62- Learn how to prep for the Zoom session with Sean so you get your questions answered!

A Few of the Problems This Will Help You Solve...

"What if my kid needs screens for school?"

"When I talk about limiting screens he/she gets angry, manipulative, anxious or emotional."

"He/She tells me all of their friends on screens..." 

"My teen always says he/she is studying."

"My kid will hardly even leave their room..."

"What is normal, healthy screen time?"

"I feel I have tried everything..."

The Next Live Zoom Experience With Sean Is...









Live Q and A and teaching Zoom experience with Sean. Ask him anything! 

"I Need This!"

"I'm Ready To Break Screen Overuse and Addiction In My Home!"

The E-Book


Summer 2021 Sale!


✔︎ E-Book

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The Complete Guide


Summer 2021 Sale!


✔︎ E-Book

✔︎ Live Zoom Q and A and Teaching With Sean

✔︎ On-Demand Class Video and Class Replay


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Parents Have Said...

"Wow, this was amazing! I wish I had learned these tools years ago." - Mom

"Sean, your Complete Guide To Break Screen Addiction class was incredible! Life-changing! I was laughing and crying through the whole thing." -Father of three

 "I just read the Class Handout to the Complete Guide To Break Screen Addiction". Wow! It was intense and so good!" - Erik

"This was so amazing Sean, I wish I had met you years ago. Thank you." - Mom

"Sean's energy, humor and connection with us parents - 10 out of 10!" - Mom

"Amazing. Great use of humor and role-playing." - Mom

"Sean role playing and acting like both the parent and the child was incredible." - Dad

"Sean has really taught me how to tune into my own emotions." - Mom 

"Good for my heart right now. Thanks for the support and humor!” - Mom

“It was really great! Encouraging and helpful. Highly recommend.” - Mom

"You have great energy and a fresh outlook on parenting!" -Mom


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