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A Life-Changing 6-Week Experience That Will 180 Your Family...Guaranteed

For Hurting and Frustrated Parents

Say goodbye to family drama and hello to peace and happiness.

"10 out of 10! My husband and I truly loved Family 180.

We've already seen a huge difference in our children and even the way we parent has greatly improved. Sean has forever changed the way we parent and we are so grateful to him for his help! "

Mom to four

What Is Family 180?


Spots are limited to just ten parents, sign up today!

Is This Your Family?

You feel stuck or lost, like you have tried everything.

You are sick of bad behavior. The stress. Sick of reminding, punishing, avoiding or yelling.

Your family is disconnected...or divided...by fights, screens or busyness.

You are caught up in a nasty cycle with the same struggle, different day... 

It's not your fault.

We aren't born with every parenting tool we need. Kids change and require new parenting skills.

Sean will show you how to 180...

before it gets worse.

Radical Change...in 6 Weeks

Parents Get

  1.  One-On-One Sessions With Sean

2. A Weekly, Zoom Experience with Sean & the other 180 members (only 5-10 parents max)

Live teaching. Parenting tools and immediate solutions.

Storytelling, fun and humor.

The Zooms are fun! Sean will entertain you and make you laugh...a lot. Positivity. Accountability. Group support. 

3. Get The Specific Solutions You Need...

...to stop your kid's painful patterns and behaviors.

4. Live Role-Playing with Sean!

Watch Sean role-play your new parenting tools so you can easily apply them into your family.

5. Live Q and A!

Get an instant solution to solve any challenging problem.


-Imagine your kid listens to you the first time, and you don't have to remind, bribe or argue.

-Imagine a home where the siblings are close and they don’t argue, whine, or fight but they are full of harmony, love and peacefulness.

-Imagine family time filled with smiles, teamwork and laughter.

-Imagine a better you, guiding your kids in connection, EQ tools, and maturity.

-Imagine not having to argue about screens and your kids have a healthy relationship with screens.

This is the power of good tools and strategies.

How We Are Going To Get Your 180...

Week 1

Using Sean’s exclusive parenting assessment, he will help you identify and unlock your hidden unique parenting traits to immediately turn yourself into a more positive, connected, and loving parent. 

Not only that but he will introduce you to the powerful Heart Talk formula that is guaranteed to give you a wake-up call in your parenting. (Previous 180 members have told us that your kids may see a positive change from this as fast as your next conversation with them!)


Week 2 

Step-by-step, Sean will help you grasp the mindset and emotional concepts of a “perfect parent”. 

This is a crucial step. Before changing your family, you must look inside and change yourself. 

Then the magic truly starts when you get introduced to your new mindset tools.

These tools will allow you to see the underlying root causes of your child’s/family’s unhealthy behavioral patterns...and your own.

The tools of Week 2 will also help you finally stop wondering what your kids won’t tell you.

From knowing this, you will have a clear path for how you can lead your family to a 180.


Week 3

In week three, Sean will directly give you the new parenting tools that will be your family’s trusty partner to holding your loving relationship for the rest of your lives.

 (WARNING - these tools are very effective for your children so please stop reading if you won’t use them for good)

You can use these tools to solve ANY long term-problem for good. Including

  • Sibling fighting, tattling and lying
  • Meanness, angry outbursts and selfishness
  • Blame and arguing cycles
  • Avoidant cycles
  • Screen issues and laziness
  • Defiance and horrible, out-of-control behavior
  • Any issue you are dealing with!

Even with the most difficult children and teens, these tools have saved many families from getting worse, including my own. 

 If other 180 parents can do it, so can you! (see testimonies bloew)


Week 4

Many moms and dads have reported they got their 180 here. After week four you will have fully grasped the Heart Talk Formula and be able to easily understand your children’s true feelings and have a clear path to your Family 180.

Sean will begin role-playing with members so you will clearly see how you can implement the tools with your family.

 Simply copy him and watch the amazing impact the tools have on your kids, your connection with them, and how it transforms their behavior. 

 Role-playing helps you apply what you’ve learned to receive results in your family 10X quicker.


Week 5 

Week five is where many members share their remarkable 180 successes and stories of their children to show how far they have come! 

This is the week when Family 180 members truly have their breakthroughs. 

Sean will continue with live role-playing and Q and A so you can easily start applying your valuable parenting tools in your home.

 Whether it's the issue is, Sean will give you the tools you've been missing to 180 your family, guaranteed…


Week 6 

Week six is making sure your family’s problems have ended…for good. 

Sean wants to make it impossible for anyone to fall behind.

 There will be more Q&A and role-playing in case you have any struggles or questions.

 “When I say Family 180 is guaranteed to 180 your family, I mean it.”

- Sean Donohue

Hey, I'm Sean!

When I was a kid growing up in the 90's, no one, unfortunately, taught me the valuable parenting tools that I needed to know.

And that put me at a tough disadvantage when I became a dad in 2005. I had very few tools.

Angry outbursts one day and avoided problems the next.

I failed at staying calm and connected calm in stressful moments. 

Emotional, harsh discipline that didn't feel right, and didn't get my kids to behave.

Painful co-parenting arguments with my wife, Danielle.

It was like a messy fog of pain and uncertainty I couldn't see out of; every day was hard. 

(If you’re feeling this, I get you.)

With no one to turn to, I was drowning in a fog of confusion because I knew there was a better and easier way to parent.

I just had to find it.

And so I did!

I went out there on my own and studied parent psychology, healthy family dynamics, "Positive Parenting" practices, and how parents can be close and connected to their kids.

I discovered parenting tools. I learned how all parents need good tools, and how tools make us good parents and create loving homes.

For years, I soaked up every parenting tool and every piece of information I could get my hands on. I became obsessed… 

And when I put my tools into practice with my own family, our home transformed into something beautiful and harmonious.

At first, it was weird how amazing (and easy) parenting became for me.

I just had to say certain words and I could create quickly connect, solve problems and build obedience instantly.

Time passed...and I knew there were other parents out there who were exactly like I used to be; struggling and desperately needing help in their lives.

I wanted to help. A dream that one day I could help families.

And today...I’ve been able to make that dream come true.

I’ve helped save thousands of families from getting worse...and helped them create amazing 180s.

I’ve amassed almost 500,000 parents globally on TikTok and my videos are seen by millions.

I’ve been invited to countless podcasts and channels.

And I couldn’t have done it without you... so thank you.

But...I understand there are still many struggling parents out there who can relate to my painful story (maybe you).

That’s why I put everything I learned from 25+ years of coaching into Family 180 to create a life-changing experience for struggling parents...

to finally eliminate the pain within their family.

I hope to see you inside and join us for six weeks of life change.

Registration is Sold Out & Closed!

See the Options & Waiting List Below

You Pick: 6 vs 2 Private Sessions with Sean


one payment

+ Six one-on-one sessions with Sean
✔︎ Six Weekly, 180 Zoom Experiences
✔︎ Live teaching. Exclusive tools and solutions. Personalized coaching and solutions.
✔︎ Live Role-Playing and Q and A with Sean
Join The Waitng List


three monthly payments

+ Six one-on-one sessions with Sean
✔︎ Six Weekly, 180 Zoom Experiences
✔︎ Live teaching. Exclusive tools and solutions. Personalized coaching and solutions.
✔︎ Live Role-Playing and Q and A with Sean
Join The Waitng List


one payment

+ Two one-on-one sessions with Sean
✔︎ Six Weekly, 180 Zoom Experiences
✔︎ Live teaching. Exclusive tools and solutions. Personalized coaching and solutions.
✔︎ Live Role-Playing and Q and A with Sean
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three monthly payments

+ Two one-on-one sessions with Sean
✔︎ Six Weekly, 180 Zoom Experiences
✔︎ Live teaching. Exclusive tools and solutions. Personalized coaching and solutions.
✔︎ Live Role-Playing and Q and A with Sean
Join The Waitng List

Here's My $4,999 Bet

If you don't have an amazing experience and you don't 180 transform your parenting into more loving, connected, and powerful,

you get all of your money back.*

This leaves all of the risk on me...

Why do I do this?

I am very confident that together, we can 180 your family into more love, obedience and connection.

See the testimonies below,180 works.

And I would be disappointed because would not have done my job as your Parent Coach.

So you have nothing to lose.

(See details below.*)

Have A 180 Question?

Contact Sean for a free 15-minute consult call.

Attend A Future Family 180?

Can't attend this one? Sold Out?

Want to hear about future Family 180s?

Simply add your name in the Waiting List

Waiting List

Can't Wait and Want Immediate Support?

-Three Options For You-

1) Email Sean right now and ask him about a "Private, Instant 180 Experience" - HERE


2) Book a Private 1:1 Session with Sean - HERE


3) Join Sean's Membership Program - HERE or [email protected] 

+ 2 x Weekly Zoom Sessions with Sean

+ Parenting Video Course

+ E-Book


Still have doubts? Here are some questions we get.

180 Registration is only open for 3 days. 

First come first serve.

1) To be notified of when Family registration opens put your name on The waiting List below.

2) You can book a private session with Sean today and get immediate tools, ideas and support

3) You can join The Parents Club right now, and talk to Sean in two live Zooms this week.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Parents will get the tools and strategies to positively address and solve ANY Issue!

  •  Painful parent/Kid/Family relationships and dynamics
  •  Screen addiction/screen over-use
  •  Disrespect to parents
  •  Aggression/angry outbursts/rage
  •  Shutting down or shutting someone out
  •  Snapping, meanness or poor communication skills
  •  Lack of care, kindness, remorse
  •  Sibling fighting 
  •  Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
  •  Acting out, defiance and rebellion
  •  Low self-esteem or confidence
  •  Low EQ or Self Awareness
  •  Struggles with chores 
  •  Poor hygiene 
  •  Poor diet or food issues
  •  Refuses to leave the house to be social or live a balanced life
  •  Poor time management or executive functioning
  •  Struggles with academic stress
  •  Overthinking
  •  Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse
  •  Lying, sneakiness, stealing
  •  Trouble discovering their passion or purpose
  •  Low grit, motivation or a “fixed mindset”
  •  Poor school efforts, motivation, laziness
  •  School refusal
  •  Avoidance/Isolation
  •  Being irresponsible or immature
  •  Painful anxiety or depression
  •  Worry/Perfection-ism
  •  Says mean things about themself
  •  Impulsive behavior
  •  Refuses therapy/coaching 
  •  Social skills struggles or loneliness
  •  20's/College pressures or preparing for college or adulthood
  •  Co-Parenting Issues
  •  Blended family issues


There are TOOLS to help your child and solve these issues~


Sean and Family 180 will give them to you. Guaranteed.*  

There is ample time in the Zooms for you to directly talk to Sean about your specific issue and pain points and Sean will teach you the specific tools to address it and solve it positively.

You can also address your specific issues in your private sessions with him.

180 members get both one-on-one sessions AND a weekly Zoom experience with the other 180 members.

Many 180 members have told us how entertaining, helpful and LIFE-CHANGING the group Zooms are.

1) The group Zoom calls are a lot of fun. Filled with lots of humor and storytelling, Sean will surprise you... and connect with you in special ways. Get ready to laugh and enjoy this.

2) Parents can often learn very quickly when they are free to passively observe Sean coach and role-play with other 180 members.

Watching other parents respond to Sean's coaching experience helps parents to look outside of themselves, grow, change...and achieve their 180.

While there are similarities to The Parents Club, 

Family 180 is very, very different.


✔︎ Both groups get access to exclusive parenting tools, parenting videos and reading materials. 

✔︎ Both include a weekly, live, group Zoom call with Sean and other parents.


✔︎ 180 has guaranteed results for members. Members get the ultimate amount of care, attention and customized tools.

✔︎ The Parents Club has many parent members. Family 180 usually has 5-7, and ten, max.

✔︎  Family 180 is a highly structured 6-week, intensive, life-changing experience. Each of the six weeks has a theme and focus. This structure helps solve patterns and behavioral problems, fast.

Each Parents Club is unique and the teaching topic and theme is unpredictable as it's based on Sean's choice, and members' spontaneous Q and A.

✔︎ Family 180 invites members to complete a weekly challenge and assignment. The Parents Club is a go-at-your-own-pace experience.

✔︎ Family 180 is only offered occasionally. The Parents Club membership is open 365 days of the year.

✔︎ While most members love it, the live Zooms in the Parents Club can sometimes be frustrating for some parents. Some parents wish they could talk to Sean for more time or privately. They wish Sean spent more time teaching or role-playing about THEIR specific issue. It's a large group experience where all members get some, but patience is needed.

Family 180 members receive lots of attention from Sean, and he spends lots of time working on their specific issues. It also includes two private sessions with Sean.

Also Includes:

1. Access to Exclusive Parenting videos form Sean

2. 32-page Parent Packet of tools, activities and training

3. Weekly Challenges, Weekly Goals and Weekly Break-Throughs  

4. Do you feel like you need accountability?

Sean can do that for you.



Sean is not sure when he will offer this experience again. If you would like to attend a future Family 180 we have created a "Waiting List" email list below. Add your name and we will contact you. 

Use your private sessions anytime you want. They do not expire. Ever.

Sean recommends using your private sessions during the 6 weeks of your Family 180. 

He also recommends booking a "follow up" one-on-one session 1-2 months after the completion.

Most parents don't have the right parenting tools if their child is stubborn, resistant to change, strong-willed or defiant.

While kids who have ADHD often get therapy, tools and support, their parents usually don't get any.

I don't blame these hurting parents...They have never gotten the tools from anyone.

Good news: There are life-changing parenting tools for these challenging kids...lots of them! So many tools.

The 180 parenting tools will build obedience, build connection build self-control, build teamwork... and create180 change.

Think of 180 this way:

This ISN'T about 6 amazing weeks...with your kids. 

This isn't Family Camp, or family therapy.

You don't need your kids' presence, their support or their buy-in for 180 to work.

The skills you will learn are effective if you are resistant, shut down, avoidant, screen-addicted or straight-up defiant.

This is about 6 amazing weeks...for you.

For you to grow as a parent...

....to get alone time with Sean

....for you to get the tools, the counsel and get the specific solutions you need.

I, Sean, have worked with parents and kids with these issues for many, many years, and I will give them to you in Family 180!

Hope is here. Change is coming.


No way.


They are kids! They are not set in their ways. there are also tools and approaches to reach any child's heart, and bring them back into a place of connection, attachment, love and obedience.

Have hope. Don't lose hope.

Help is here.

Yes, even if your child is 18+.

If you would like to start ASAP or would like a private (or instant) Family 180 experience, please email Sean right now, tell him about what you want, and he will reply to you within 24 hours.

[email protected]


You can easily block your face, or show your face, during this class or any Zoom call.

if you do not want to be...You will not be called on during this class and you can sit quietly and simply 100% observe Family-180 if you'd like.

Or you can choose to use the group text to interact with Sean and the group.

No. No way.

Sean is here to be positive and to support you. Experience this as you want.

We EXPECT every parent to fully love and be fully satisfied with Family 180. We give our clients a survey at the end and the most popular rating is 10/10.

Family 180 has never received one bad review.

We have never had a client who has asked for a refund for their purchase.

We can not guarantee that your child will CHANGE. That is not the guarentee.

That would be weird and unethical.

In Family 180 you will learn that ,

"You can not control your child, but you can control yourself."

We can guarantee that if you do the work and YOU want to change then YOU will be CHANGED, and satisfied.

To qualify for this refund, the client will need to  

1. Attend every live 180 Zoom for its entirety and participate. Attend all one-on-one sessions. 

2. Do every weekly Challenge including the weekly Village posts.

3. Watch the videos posted in the weekly Challenge.

4. Use your one-on-sessions within seven weeks of starting your Family 180.

5. Write Sean a letter about why you were not satisfied with the experience.

If every Zoom is attended and all four of these qualifications are met Sean will be happy to provide you a full refund.



Think of 180 this way:

This ISN'T about 6 amazing weeks...with your kids. 

This isn't Family Camp, or family therapy.

You don't need your kids' presence, their support or their buy-in for 180 to work.

The skills you will learn are effective if you are kids are half-time, or less. (Or if your kids are defiant.)

This is about 6 amazing weeks...for you.

For you to grow as a parent...

....to get alone time with Sean

....for you to get the tools, the counsel and get the specific solutions you need.


Not sure?

Email Sean right now and ask him to set up a free 20 minute phone call with you!

[email protected] 

or click this direct link to Sean's "Contact Page" and set it up.

I wold love to talk with you! -Sean


If these parents can save their family, why can't you?


""Oh how I wish we'd had this coaching earlier as a parent! My kids are older teens and I'm here to say that it's never too late.

The 180 degree turn around is legit---for my kids and for me.

I told myself to just sign up and show up and trust the process. It's incredible how quickly things turned around! Today is the start of the holiday break and not two months ago I was dreading this time. I'm happy to report I'd love to live this day over!

We played games, chores were done without asking, made family meals together, and what disruptions did happen were handled quickly and effectively. Thank you, Sean!" "

Jess A.
Mother of two

Jess and Sean in the 180 Zoom!

"The problem I had was my two teenage boys took me for granted and they did not treat me as a human being, ignored me and abused the benefits and care I provided for them. I felt humiliated and abused.  

Family 180 changed everything. I got the tools and support I needed from Sean - and everything is different now.

By using my new tools our family dynamics have improved tremendously.

There is so much hope and enlightenment to continue on this positive path to reach harmony, respect, peace and love in my home. Thank you Sean!  

Thank you for bringing back my family together Sean, for the amazing tools learned.
 The process of Family 180 is easy to understand and apply since they are explained with real-life examples.
 Sean manages to coach in a fun and effective manner, and leads by example.  

Also, I loved I was not alone, the parents that participated in the course also were in the same boat as myself, so it was nice not to feel alone, and the group was small so we were able to express our needs, and Sean addressed each need with fun solutions we could all apply since a lot of the issues presented were common between parents.  

The class provides a safe area to be vulnerable, learn and grow. A real blessing to have attended Family 180, every penny spent was well worth it, to save my family. Thank you so much!!! Thank you Sean!"

Mom to two

"Until we met Sean, our house was a pretty stressful place. Lots of frustrated conversations, yelling, back talk and disrespect.

Three months later, our family was transformed thanks to Sean.

After our first meeting, I could already see the positive direction he would take us. Despite having read loads of parenting books, we would try one thing for awhile only to fall back into a negative cycle. After meeting Sean, we finally had hope. Here's why.
Sean has an amazing ability to connect with everyone in your family - parents, teens, kids - and then breakdown the issues you're having.

Next, he gives you the tools you need to have effective, positive communication. He helped us course correct the negative patterns we had fallen into and today, we're able to lead with love and respect first.

As parents, he helped us understand our kids. Who they are, who they are trying to be. That was probably the best gift of all. Within two weeks, we went from constantly criticizing to appreciating the people they are trying to become. He helped us replace yelling and the silent treatment with listening and understanding.

Perhaps one of the greatest things of all was the new confidence we saw in our kids. When you replace yelling in your home with understanding, it leaves room for everyone inside to grow and be their best self. We went from grieving over conflict to celebrating each other's successes.

We will be forever indebted to him. If you are lucky enough to get on Sean's schedule, it will be money and time well spent. Don't wait. I wish we had called him two years sooner."

Mom to one teen, one tween, and one child

"With Family 180 I've seen changes in such a short period of time. My kids are already becoming kinder and more empathetic with me and to each other.

Sean's approach to parenting is exciting and different than anything else I've ever come across. Thanks Sean and Family 180!"

Dad to two

"We found Sean right when we were in the middle of our own little family crisis, thinking our son would fall victim to our modern day society of teens - addiction to video games/phones, vaping, etc.

My husband and I first met with Sean and we're both comfortable with his approach, relaxed demeanor and authenticity. As he shared stories of himself and how he got to be where he is today, we both knew that Sean was the kind of role model we needed. Sean is a down-to-earth, guy's guy that related to my husband's frustrations, but also was very in tune with our son.

He has become a trusted advisor to us and provided us with tools to move forward in a way that everyone can agree to. We are so grateful to have found Sean!"

Mom to two

"We asked Sean to help us become more emotionally stable when dealing with our two young boys. We felt a lack of control in how we handled their more challenging behaviors and Sean helped us not only identify the root causes to our reactions but why we reacted the way we did and gave us the tools to discover on our own how we would like to respond.

Sean was a pleasure to work with, he was kind and a good listener. He was delicate with his approach and asked a lot of questions to get to know us so that his responses were appropriate and fitting.

He was also reliable and punctual and delivered consistently which is refreshing. If you're child is needing support or you are needing support to deal with your child/children I highly recommend using Sean."

Mom to two young children

"Finding you has been life changing in so many ways. I’m making such great progress connecting with my kids and can see a much better relationship developing.

Thank you doesn’t feel like enough but I will be forever grateful for what I’m learning and who I am becoming! "

Colleen R.
Mom to two

"Sean's unique ability to get down to the personal level with genuine care is remarkable. He is a life changer and would recommend him to ANY group or family that is in need of some help, counseling and guidance."

Father of three

"You have a special gift and I’m so grateful that you’re sharing it with the world. In my mind, there is nothing more precious than the relationship we have with our kids. There is nothing I want more then to have a win-win relationship with them. You are giving me hope that it can happen. Thank you Sean."

Mom to two

"Sean delivered valuable self-reflection and practical tools that created the results I had hoped to see in my relationship with my kids."

Mom to two

"Family 180 helped me see how I am part of the fear cycle. It really helped to turn the conversations with my daughter around, we have been able to have multiple conversations with less anger and actual results, or as Sean would say Win Wins. It is so amazing to see progress after so much failed attempts at communication. "

Mom to two

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