Don't Sit In Your Pain - Solve It!
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 Don't Sit In Your Pain...Solve It!

A Parenting Experience That Will Change Your Family Now...and Forever

For Parents With Kids Ages 5-25


Spots are limited to just ten parents, sign up today!

Radical 6 Weeks

How To Solve Your Specific Painful Issue, Change Your Family 180 Degrees, And Build a Home Of Love, Harmony and Goodness

"Finding you has been life changing in so many ways. I’m making such great progress connecting with my kids and can see a much better relationship developing.

Thank you doesn’t feel like enough but I will be forever grateful for what I’m learning and who I am becoming! "

Colleen R.
Mom to two

Is Your Family Hurting?

Are You Hurting?

Are you struggling as a parent?

Disappointed in how your family is connecting?

Do you feel stuck with your challenging child/tween/teen/20s?

Feel like you've tried everything? 

Are you caught up in a nasty family cycle? Avoidance cycle? Punishment cycle? People-pleasing cycle? Yelling cycle? Arguing cycle? Defiance Cycle?

Do you want more love in your home? More respect? More care? More teamwork? More good choices?

This is for you.

 Family 180 Is...

+Sean's Signature Parenting Experience


+A Private, Small-Group Experience With Sean

Family 180 is open to only 10 parents. Intimate.

+Six Powerful Weeks That Will Change You & Your Family 

Live teaching from Sean. Live Q and A. Live Role-playing. Intense, specific help.

Weekly Zooms. Each Zooom is 1.5 hour

32-page Parent Packet of tools, activities and training

(Optional attendance. Members can watch the Replays if they miss)

 +Weekly Challenges, Goals and Break-Throughs  

Get the support & the positivity you need!

Do you feel like you need accountability?

Sean can do that for you.


Also Includes, 

+Exclusive On-Demand videos from Sean with lots of tools and

 +Being The Best You

An EQ Tool for Parents and Kids/Tweens/Teens

+Sean's Parenting E-Book

"The Masterclass Parents Toolbox" 

Parenting tools, ideas, skills and activities!

+Be encouraged by other parents 

+Email access to Sean Donohue**

"Sean's unique ability to get down to the personal level with genuine care is remarkable. He is a life changer and would recommend him to ANY group or family that is in need of some help, counseling and guidance."

Father of three

"Sean, I want for motivating me to be a better parent.
I feel like in a way, this has saved my family. "

Mom to three

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"You have a special gift and I’m so grateful that you’re sharing it with the world. In my mind, there is nothing more precious than the relationship we have with our kids. There is nothing I want more then to have a win-win relationship with them. You are giving me hope that it can happen. Thank you Sean."


Zoom - Be Comfortable and Private

✔︎ You can easily block your face, or show your face, during this class or any Zoom call.

✔︎ You will not be called on during this class and you can sit quietly and simply 100% observe the class if you'd like.

✔︎ You can also choose to use the group text to interact with Sean and the group!

✔︎ Members are free to ask personal questions, and/or share their issues and pain points. Family 180 is vulnerable. Safe. Helpful. Be you.

 Don't Sit In Your Pain...Solve It!

Solve Painful Problems Like...


 ✔︎ Screen/Gaming/Social media use or addiction

✔︎ Disrespect to parents

✔︎ Poor teen communication skills 

✔︎Sibling fighting or bullying

✔︎ Lack of family time or closeness

✔︎ Acting out, defiance and rebellion

✔︎ Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse

✔︎ Selfishness and entitlement

✔︎ Lying and hiding

✔︎ Poor school efforts


✔︎ Anxiety and teen depression

✔︎ Worry/Perfection-ism

✔︎ Teens who hate therapy 

✔︎ Teens who refuse to change/grow

✔︎ Aggression toward others

✔︎ Angry outbursts/swearing

✔︎ Co-Parenting Issues

✔︎ Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends

Bring out the best in yourself...and your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is only open for 3 days. 

First come first serve.

To be notified of when Family registration opens put your name on The waiting List below.

While there are similarities to The Parents Club, 

Family 180 is very different.


✔︎ Both groups get access to exclusive parenting tools, parenting videos and reading materials. 

✔︎ Both include a weekly, live, Zoom call with Sean and other parents.


✔︎ The Parents Club has many parent members. Family 180 has just ten.

✔︎  Family 180 is a structured 6-week experience. Each of the six weeks has a theme and focus. Each Parents Club is unique and the topic is unpredictable as it's based on Sean's choice and members' spontaneous Q and A.

✔︎ Family 180 invites members to complete a weekly challenge and assignment. The Parents Club is a go-at-your-own-pace experience.

✔︎ Family 180 is only offered occasionally. The Parents Club membership is open 365 days of the year.

No. No way. Sean is here to be positive and to support you. Experience this as you want.

We do not offer refunds, all sales are final.

Sean is not sure if, or when, he will offer this experience again. If you would like to attend a future Family 180 we have created a "Waiting List" email list below. Add your name and we will contact you. 

Zoom - Be Comfortable and Private

You can easily block your face, or show your face, during this class or any Zoom call.

You will not be called on during this class and you can sit quietly and simply 100% observe Family-180 if you'd like.

Or you can choose to use the group text to interact with Sean and the group.

The Experience That Is Best For You


Family 180 is Sold Out

and Registration is Currently Closed

...and will open again soon.


Scroll down to join the Waiting List, registrations go fast.

Count Me in Sean!

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55 Minute Zoom

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Four Private Sessions With Sean


55 Minutes Zooms

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