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We have kids to be close to them.

To mentor them.

To enjoy them.

To have a Heart-To-Heart connection.

But this can be hard!

This will class will change everything.

"'Heart Talks' have changed my parenting...and family forever. My kids really hear me now. And I hear them. Thank you Sean." "

Mom of three

How To Have a 

'Heart Talk'

On Demand!

Communication Skills, Hacks, and Secrets Which Get Resistent Kids/Teens to Open Up, Comfort and Care


Taught by Sean Donohue,

Family Coach and Founder of 

Parenting Modern Teens


Helping Parents Solve Painful Patterns...and Thrive!

Sean Donohue is a Family Coach and the founder of and speaks to millions of parents and kids every year through classes, events and social media.

He has coached and mentored parents and teens for 20+ years and is known worldwide as "The Family Coach".

Build a Heart-To-Heart Connection

You Will Learn

-How to get your kid/teen to open up and share feelings with you.

-How to help your child share feelings

-How to best respond when your kid is angry, abusive, or out of control

-How to teach your tween/teen to comfort you

-How to "Emotion Coach" your chld

-Why you may be sabotaging yourself with your child

-What to do if your child refuses to talk with you

A Few of the Problems This Will Help You Solve...

"All my kid does is yell and get sassy with me."

"My tween is a master manipulator."

"I can't seem to get my teen to ever talk with me."

"When I try to connect with my kid all I ever get is, "I'm fine."

"My teen tempts me into arguments. He/She can not take not for an answer."

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Parents Have Said...

"Sean,"I am using your tools and now teaching them to my three kids. They are also using them! I am using the tools I have learned to stop and heal sibling issues. I invited one of my sons to have a "Heart Talk" with his brother. He agreed and did Speaker/Listener with his brother. Sean, he is 12!" -  Mother


"Hi Sean- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for your classes. I just love your message, your presentation, and your methods.  Watching your classes has been a big chunk of my "self-care" for the past week.   -Mother


"Great class today! It's so refreshing to laugh about parenting stuff, and to feel less alone when I hear you laugh, tell stories, and hear stories of others. I'm just so grateful for the space you provide through your group. – Mother

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