Parenting Tips During Shelter-In-Home Craziness!

Free, Live, Interactive, Online, Parenting Class

Hosted by Sean Donohue,
Family Coach and Founder of Parenting Modern Teens


Here's what I'll be covering in the class:

Free - No cost! (1-hour class)

Live - Sean will speak and teach live!

Live Q and A - Sean will answer parenting questions and give live parent coaching to 1-2 parents

Interactive -  Sean will use live chat to interact with the group so you can hear from other parents.

Parenting Class - Sean will share insights and tools on how you, your children, your marriage and your family can thrive during this crazy time in our lives!

What Parents Are Saying...

“Good for my heart right now. Thanks for the support and humor!”

“It was really great! Encouraging and helpful. Highly recommend.”

“LOVED IT! Thank you.”

“Thank you so much. I needed this!”

“Thank you for teaching and reaching out to us. ♡♡ "

“This was me time!! love it!”

“ Thank you. So good”

Sean Donohue has coached and mentored parents and teens for 20+ years and is known worldwide as the "Teen SuperNanny."

Parenting Tips During Shelter-In-Place Craziness!



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