How To Break

Screen Addiction 

and Build Motivation! 

Free, Live, Interactive, Online  Class For Parents of Tweens + Teens!

Hosted by Sean Donohue,

Family Coach and Founder of Parenting Modern Teens

Making Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable! 


Free - No cost! (50-60 minute class)

Live - Sean will speak and teach live!

You Will...

1. Get new parenting strategies to break screen addiction (video games, social media, YouTube, shopping, etc...)

2. Learn how to use build trust and teamwork into your kids.

3. Use the group chat to hear from other parents.

4. Live Q and A with Sean!


Get ready to thrive during 2020... and beyond!

Parents Have Said...

"Sean's energy, humor and connection with us parents - 10 out of 10!"

"Amazing. Great use of humor, tech and role-playing."

"Sean role playing and acting like both the parent and the child was incredible."

"Sean has really taught me how to tune into my own emotions" 

"Good for my heart right now. Thanks for the support and humor!”

“It was really great! Encouraging and helpful. Highly recommend.”

"You have great energy and a fresh outlook on parenting!" 

Sean Donohue is a Family Coach and the founder of and speaks to thousands of parents and teens every year.

He has has coached and mentored parents and teens for 20+ years and is known worldwide as the "The Teen SuperNanny."

Get Some Fresh Parenting Ideas and New Tools!

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