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You are Not Alone...

"It was eye opening to realize how some of us have so much in common & can relate to each other. "

Mother of 3

Parenting can be so painful...

...and emotional.






Feeling unsupported. 

Feeling alone.


Every parent needs support. Good support.

Some parents like the direct support of our private coaching sessions to get the help they need.


Parents asked us for more.

We heard you!   

Join other parents ‘in the thick of it’ as we create a safe and powerful experience for parents to support each other.  

These Zoom experiences are for parents who are facing the same struggles as you and who are looking for some support!

What this group does:

  • Invites parents to share honestly about their struggles and successes. 
  • Offers opportunities to interact with other parents to help you prepare for your current parenting challenge.  
  • Creates a safe space for parents to express emotions and get the support they need.
  • Gives you access to the Facebook Group for ongoing support throughout the week.


What this group doesn’t do:

  • Lecture, coach, or teach you what to do and not to do as a parent. 
  • Criticize you for the mistakes you make. (You can choose to invite constructive feedback from the group if you wish.)
  • Require you to bare your soul. (Come as you are and share what you like.)


Zoom Call = Be Comfortable

You can easily block your face, or show your face, during this class or any Zoom call.

You will not be called on during this class but parents are certainly encouraged to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.

Or you can choose to use the group text to interact with Sean and the group!

For over twenty years, Sean Potts has helped parents and young people share their experiences and get the support they need for everyday challenges.  

He offers in-person & online coaching and classes teaching emotional intelligence (EQ), clear communication, mindfulness and conflict exploration/resolution with Parenting Modern Teens.

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"I really liked that there could be a place where we as parents who are struggling with our kids could come together & share stories and experiences to take comfort in knowing we are not alone. "

Lisa S.

"I enjoy Sean P’s calm, comforting style of leading the group and look forward to more opportunities to grow and share. "

Tracy W.

"What I like most about the support group is having a place to come, to open up and be vulnerable -judgement free with other parents that can empathize with me. "

Mother of 2

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