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Raising Great Kids Is Hard!

They don't always communicate well.

Their emotions can be all over the place.

They can be hot then cold...or hot and hot...or cold and cold.

They want to be kids... and they want to be adults.


This experience will help.


What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew! 


Taught by Sean Donohue,

Family Coach and Founder of 

Parenting Modern Teens


Making Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!

Sean Donohue is a Family Coach and the founder of ParentingModernTeens.com and speaks to thousands of parents and teens every year.

He has coached and mentored parents and teens for 20+ years and is known worldwide as the "The Teen SuperNanny."

✔︎ Live Zoom experience with Sean Donohue

✔︎ Action Steps

✔︎ Class Recording

✔︎ Watch a previous class On-Demand right now!

New Ideas and New Insights!

This Experience Includes...


✔︎ Live Zoom experience with Sean Donohue

-Live teaching

-Talk with Sean directly!

-Class is 50-minutes long...and will include a free 10-minute bonus section

-Total Zoom experience is 1-hour long


✔︎ Tips and Action Steps! 

-Lean parenting tools you can start using immediately!


✔︎ Class Recording

- Can't make the live Zoom?

No problem! All parents will get the Class Recording! (Rewatch this anytime and you can share the video with your co-parent)


✔︎ Watch a previous class On-Demand right now! Watch it immediately after your purchase.

"Sean's unique ability to get down to the personal level with genuine care is remarkable. He is a life-changer and I would recommend him to any family or group that is in need of some help, counseling and guidance."

Jason B.
Father of Three

A Few of the Topics Sean Will Teach On...

-How to be close with your teen

-How to use power wisely

-How get your kid/teen to open up to you. 

-What battles they want you to pick

-How to transition into a healthy, adult-like relationship with your teen

-Things they want you to know...but they don't know how to say

"Sean's 'Heart Talks' have changed my parenting...and family forever. My kids really hear me now. And I hear them. Thank you Sean." "

Mom of three

What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew!









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✔︎ Live Zoom experience with Sean Donohue

✔︎ Action Steps

✔︎ Class Recording

✔︎ Watch a previous class On-Demand right now!


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"Thank You Sean..."

"Hi Sean- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for your classes. I just love your message, your presentation, and your methods.  Watching your classes has been a big chunk of my "self-care" for the past week.   -Mother


"Great class today! It's so refreshing to laugh about parenting stuff, and to feel less alone when I hear you laugh, tell stories, and hear stories of others. I'm just so grateful for the space you provide through your group. – Mother

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