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Help For Hurting and Struggling Parents & Kids

...and Building Empowered Parents, Thriving Kids and Harmonious Homes

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Parents, Do You Have Any Of These Problems With Your Kids?

✔︎ A struggling, hurting or misbehaving child/teenager
✔︎ Painful parent/kid/family relationships
✔︎ Screen over-use or screen addiction
✔︎You struggle with yelling, snapping or your emotions
✔︎ Disrespect/meanness to parents
✔︎ Disrespect/meanness to siblings
✔︎ Aggression, angry outbursts or rage
✔︎ Building grit, esteem, confidence 
✔︎ Avoidance or ignoring parents
✔︎You struggle with micro-managing, over-parenting, reminding...and you are exhausted.
✔︎ Child with low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
✔︎ Your punishments don't work. Nothing works.
✔︎ Defiance, rebellion, school refusal, out-of-control behavior
✔︎ Struggles with school, chores or responsibilities
✔︎ Struggles with divorce, blended family issues
✔︎ Poor time management or executive functioning
✔︎ Painful anxiety, depression, fear or negative self-talk 
✔︎ Any other issue you have...

My Team and I Will Help You With Any Painful Family Problem You Have. 

We Change Lives

We help parents and kids solve painful patterns/behaviors...and thrive!

Get the TOOLS and support you need.

Hi! My name is Sean Donohue and I am a Family Coach. I have been helping parents and kids for 25 years.

I help parents connect, solve painful problems and thrive...and my team helps young people do the same.

Please enjoy my site and book a call with me if you'd like to talk about how I/we can support you. 

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