"This Was So Eye Opening- And Helpful!" - Father of Three
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"I showed my results to my kids. They got emotional and said,

"Dad! This is EXACTLY what we have been trying to say to you! Then then asked me if they could take it themselves!"


-Christopher, Dad of Two

"I learned a lot about myself and my family from this. It was cool."

-Sarah, 10th grade

"This is by far the best parenting/personality assessment I have ever seen! Thank you Sean. This will change my parenting life forever."

-Jessica, Mom of Two

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Welcome to Parenting Moden Teens!

I'm Sean Donohue, husband to Danielle, father of three girls, Instagram's "Family Coach", and the "Teen SuperNanny".

I love to make parenting teens easier and more enjoyable!


"This is such a great tool from Sean! Sean has given my husband and I some amazing new tools to have effective, positive communication with our three kids!"


-Julie, Mother of Three



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