"This Was So Eye Opening- And Helpful!" - Father of Three
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"I showed my results to my kids. They got emotional and said,

"Dad! This is EXACTLY what we have been trying to say to you! Then then asked me if they could take it themselves!"


-Christopher, Dad of Two

"I learned a lot about myself and my family from this. It was cool."

-Sarah, 10th grade

"This is by far the best parenting/personality assessment I have ever seen! Thank you Sean. This will change my parenting life forever."

-Jessica, Mom of Two

Parenting Assessment


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Welcome to Parenting Moden Teens!

I'm Sean Donohue, husband to Danielle, father of three girls, Instagram's "Family Coach", and the "Teen SuperNanny".

I love to make parenting teens easier and more enjoyable!


Emotional Intelligence For Families

✔︎ Part 1: The assessment will help you identify the underlying EMOTIONS you experience when family life gets stressful/painful. 

✔︎ Part 2: The assessment will help you learn about yourself and how you REACT when your kids misbehave or family gets under your skin.

✔︎ Part 3: In this life-changin section, learn your deep inner DESIRES you want to feel in life and/or when parenting your kids...then share your results with them!

✔︎ The results will show you your PROFILE and will CHANGE your life and your family!

✔︎ You will say, "Wow! I didn't know that about you! Why haven't you told me that earlier?", when you see your kid's results.

✔︎ Watch how your family responds when you show them your RESULTS

Be The Best Parent/Person You Can Be!

✔︎ Understand yourself and how you are doing as a parent!

✔︎ Get quick results in minutes!

✔︎ Understand where you need to grow!

✔︎ Get on the same page as your spouse/co-parent! 

"This is such a great tool from Sean! Sean has given my husband and I some amazing new tools to have effective, positive communication with our three kids!"


-Julie, Mother of Three


This Is An Assessment Preview

Sample of Question 2 (of 3)

What Reactions do you commonly do when you feel stressed, upset, or your kids get under your skin?

Check all below Reactions you sometimes do.

Then go back and “star” the top five Reactions that you do most often.


Act Out

You engage in negative behaviors like cuss someone out, threats, hitting someone, physical intimidation, rage, screen addiction, use drugs, drink alcohol, vaping, cheating, stealing, play with fire, pornography, overeating, hit yourself, hit walls, slam doors, throw things, follow someone around the house, self-harm, refuse school, runaway, ditch school, running away, making threats, self-harm, sext, or “hook-up” sexually. 


Yell, Rage, Tone or Get Aggressive

You display strong words and a loud, aggressive tone to someone. You get upset and angry. Your words or body may be attacking or violent. You may feel like sometimes your emotions/anger is out of control.



You act like you are smarter or better than others; you are in charge; you are smarter than others. You try to let them see that you are smart and logical and they are not.



You avoid conflict and stressful conversations. You avoid sharing when you are hurt or upset and you keep it to yourself. If someone is upset with you, or scolding you, you may walk away from them during conflict, ignore their text or not visit a place where they are. It may feel like there's no point to talking and better to move on or avoid the drama.


Anxious Feelings In Body

You feel nervousness, sickness or butterfly feelings in your stomach, chest or other part of your body. Or, you can’t turn your mind off from negative thoughts.


Belittle, Put Down, Poke

You put down others, mock them, dishonor someone with your words or actions; you call someone names, use insults, ridicule, take jabs, or try to agitate them.



You place responsibility on others for what they have done. “You did this.” “It’s your fault.” “You are so irresponsible.” You are always…” “You never…” “You act like a …” You feel like the problem is because of others’ poor choices.


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Making Parenting Teens Easier and More Enjoyable!

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Miley, Danielle, Kenise, Maddy and Sean enjoying some ice cream! 

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