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Resistant To Therapy or Coaching? Angry? Screen Addicted? Defiant? Using Substances? Extreme Avoidence?

We Can Help.

"I was at the point of sending my teenage son away to military school. I was frustrated and exhausted by our strained relationship. I know that just sending my son to a therapist would only be half the solution. Our Coach’s presence in our life was/is key to helping us navigate these challenging teenage years. "

Mom of Two

"Therapy didn't work. It didn't give us tools. Coaching did. We got the TOOLS we needed, and our lives changed!"

Mother of Three

We Have a Powerful In-Home Process Which Changes Bad Behavior and Reaches Hearts

We partner with parents in this important work to help the child/teen stop their bad behavior and poor patterns and replace them with healthy ones... and we can show you how to get your child to attend the sessions and do the work.

Before you spend $50,000+ on Boarding School, contact us

"Our Coach has been an invaluable help to our family. Anyone who needs help with a troubled teen could not ask for a better resource."

Father of Three

When Therapy Won't/Didn't Work.
Before You Spend Tons of $$$$ on Boarding School.

Call Us.

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We Reach Teens Who...

Continue to make poor choices

Don't want to listen or obey

Hate/Refuse therapy

Don't want to change

Are violent or threatening

Want to stay stuck

Don't practice self-control

Won't allow their parent

Therapy didn't help

Won't stop vaping or using drugs

Are addicted to a screen/game

Blame their depression/anxiety

Are out of control

Refuse to grow and heal and mature

We Can Help. 

There Is Hope.

If you'd like to learn about our in-home process...


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