"Coaching Changed My College Student's Life!" - Mother of Two
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A Life-Changing, EQ-Based, Empowering, Educational, Caring, Coaching Experience

For Young Adults

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"After I met a couple times with my Coach Sean P, I realized that this is nothing like therapy, but rather a window that helped me see what I am capable of doing for myself. It helped me turn around a lot of my relationships and bring me closer to the people that I care about most. "

Biology Major


We developed a unique and powerful approach to supporting young adults, and for many, it's something better.


-Sean Donohue, Founder

"The feature I loved about Sean’s coaching was the awareness and the ability to truly understand me. It felt personalized and he genuinely cared about how I felt. He pulled my thoughts out of me and then poured information."

Sean B.
Physical Therapy Graduate Student

PMT Coaching Helps Young Adults With...


  •  Painful parent/Kid/Family relationships and dynamics
  •  Screen addiction/screen over-use
  •  Disrespect to parents
  •  Aggression/angry outbursts/rage
  •  Shutting down or shutting someone out
  •  Snapping, meanness or poor communication skills
  •  Lack of care, kindness, remorse
  •  Sibling fighting 
  •  Low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
  •  Acting out, defiance and rebellion
  •  Low self-esteem or confidence
  •  Low EQ or Self Awareness
  •  Struggles with chores 
  •  Poor hygiene 
  •  Poor diet or food issues
  •  Refuses to leave the house to be social or live a balanced life
  •  Poor time management or executive functioning
  •  Struggles with academic stress
  •  Overthinking
  •  Vaping, drugs or alcohol use/abuse
  •  Lying, sneakiness, stealing
  •  Trouble discovering their passion or purpose
  •  Low grit, motivation or a “fixed mindset”
  •  Poor school efforts, motivation, laziness
  •  School refusal
  •  Avoidance/Isolation
  •  Being irresponsible or immature
  •  Painful anxiety or depression
  •  Worry/Perfection-ism
  •  Says mean things about themself
  •  Impulsive behavior
  •  Refuses therapy/coaching 
  •  Social skills struggles or loneliness
  •  20's/College pressures or preparing for college or adulthood
  •  Co-Parenting Issues
  •  Blended family issues


There are Tools to Solve These Issues.

We'd love to give them to your young adult.


"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

-Sean Donohue

Resistant To Therapy or Coaching? Stubborn? Defiant? Mean? Shutting down? Vaping? Screen Addicted? Drugs? Out-of-Control? Hates Therapy? Considering Dropping Out of School?

We Young People To Become Mature, Responsible, Successful Adults!

PMT Coaching Is ...

Structured: This isn't just talking. This is a proven, intimate experience with proven outcomes. See our many testimonies and Yelp reviews

Life-Changing: Your young adult learns invaluable TOOLS, life skills and EQ education which transform behavior. 

Access to the "Being the Best You" personality assessment and the "PMT EQ Toolbox".

"The tools we teach should be taught in every school...but they aren't. When young adults get these tools, their lives change for the better." -Sean Donohue

Mentorship:​ With a skilled, caring PMT Coach young adults feel safe to talk, share, be real and vulnerable.





"My daughter and I were on a very difficult path. Our PMT Coach pushed her in ways that I couldn't, and now she is a joy to be around. There was a 180º turnaround in her behavior and attitude."

Mother of Three




We help young adults to know themselves, love themselves,
and live a mature, responsible, maximized life.

We help young adults learn important life skills like conflict communication, self-care, growth-mindset, goal-setting, and self-control.

We help young adults improve their relationships
with their family and choose positive friends. 

We help young adults thrive in their time away from home, balancing school, friends, fun and future visioning.


"Learning to properly communicate emotions is an amazing life skill that I can now say I have been developing thanks to PMT. I am thankful for the many tools taught to me."

20-Years Old

Is Your Young Adult Defiant, Resistant or Out-Of-Control?

Click Below to Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches have helped thousands of young people.

Whether they are hurting, defiant, lazy, screen-addicted, out-of-control..or thriving in life and relationships, our coaching experience is positively life-changing.

We are proud to say that we have coached teens who have become CEO's, doctors, Hollywood, TV and movie stars, YouTube stars, TV and news personalities, reality television stars, business entrepreneurs, and college athletes and more importantly...

...We have helped thousands of young men and women become mature, kind, responsible, loving adults; many of whom have now become happy, healthy parents themselves. 


Engaging and Empowering


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