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4 Tips to Make Your Self-Care Great!

Parents need great self-care.  Teens need a parent to help them create self-care habits in their life.
Here are 4 tips...

1. Get Connected To Your Bigger Picture

Get into nature.  Enjoy a great meal. Read a book.  Slow down. Sing with others.  Say a prayer. Stare at the stars.

These practices remind us that we are part of something larger than the lists of tasks we fill our days with.

2. Connect With Your Body

Go for a hike. Workout with weights. Go to a yoga class.  Enjoy a guided body scan. Dance.  Take a walk around the block.


Two major causes of stress in life are…

regrets about the past


worries about the future  


When we are aware of what we’re feeling in our physical body we bring our mind back to the present moment because physical sensations always occur in the present moment.  

When your mind gets caught up in past and future worries an awareness of your body can be a reassuring anchor for self-care and an active life.

3. Identify What's Happening On An Emotional Level

Label your emotions.  Speak about what negative emotions you feel. Talk to a Family Coach.  Journal.  Call a friend.  Write down your nighttime dreams.

Our emotions are important messages about how our life is going. When we spend too much time out of touch with our emotions they can overwhelm us and spill out on strangers and the ones we love. Recognize what emotions you’re feeling, label them, and talk about them with close friends and family to create space in your heart to respond well.

4. Replace Your False, Negative Thoughts With True, Positive Messages

Read spiritual and inspirational texts.  

Repeat healthy, true phrases aloud or in your mind.  

Rest your gaze on an inspirational image or phrase.

Our minds are incredibly powerful.  If we take time to slow down and notice our thoughts we increase our ability to respond well.   


Notice if you have negative/false thoughts like..

 ‘I am a slave in this family.’

’My spouse/family deserves better than me.’

'I have no power in my life'

‘I am a horrible parent.’


Replace them with positive/true thoughts like...

‘I am worthy of respect.’

‘I have all the power I need.’

‘I can live my life without reacting to my boss.’

‘I can do everything I need to do just for today.’



    Sean Potts

    Family Coach



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