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Self-Care Can Save Your Family...and Your Teen

Self-care is MUCH MORE than combing your hair and brushing your teeth.

Self-Care is a foundation that  healthy families are built on. 

Teens are busier than ever...

Families are busier than ever...  

If your teen is going to have a chance to thrive during these crazy teen years, they are going to have to learn to take great care of themself: Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Socially. 

If your family is going to have a chance to thrive during these crazy teen years, you all are going to have to learn to take great care of yourselves.

More teens and our modern families MUST FIND WAYS to calm down in heated moments, overcome stressful situations and recharge our batteries - so we can be the best version of ourselves: healthy, happy, focused and thriving.


Self-Care Is Doing Things

That Make You Feel Wonderful.

For some people it’s playing golf.  Others prefer a hot bath. Some enjoy coffee with friends, while others like deep breathing. You may like cooking a special meal for  yourself or your family while your partner may prefer long walks in the hills.

Your teen son may enjoy listening to music while your daughter likes playing with slime.



1. You are worthy. Treating yourself well reminds you of your incredible value.

2. Well-cared-for family members are more patient and emotionally available for each other. 

3. Self-care is about calming your body.  When you take the time every day to regulate your body and mind you’re better able to draw upon that reservoir of support in tough situations.

4. Self-care reminds us of how good life can feel and why we do the work we do.

 5. Get some perspective on your work life.  Ideas and insights about our work-a-day life often naturally bubble up in self-care time.  This downtime can clarify priorities and result in creative solutions for everyday problems.


Every darn day.  

I spend at least 15 minutes almost everyday reading a book I enjoy.  Short and simple is still effective.

Then try finding an extended period of time once a week when you can slow down and dance at a different pace.  A full day is hard to start with but coordinate with your family members and find a period of a few hours to take care of you!


Mahatma Gandhi encouraged us to… 

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’  


If you want members of your family to be more caring and available to connect with you... you’ve got to be those things for yourself.  

When you take the time for you to do you, the practice becomes infectious and your whole family will feel the change.


‚Äč   Sean Potts

   Family Coach




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