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16 Things They Don't Teach Our Kids In School


The most important lessons of life are not taught in school. 


If a parent doesn't teach these lessons to children, where will they learn them?

Every home is a school...and parents will always be the primary and most influential teachers in a child's life.

Our passion at Parenting Modern Teens is to teach (and support) the teachers.


16 IMPORTANT lessons they don't teach in school...


 EQ Skills (Emotional Intelligence/Quotient) 

1. How to identify and break victim thinking
2. How to face failure
3. How to build your identity outside of performance 
4. How to label and share emotions
5. How to manage/overcome anxiety and depression without medication
6. How to thrive in anger/stress management.

Relationship/Social Skills

7. How to set healthy boundaries with others 
8. How to disagree with (or stand up to) your parents in a respectful manner
9. How to have healthy conflict communication
10. How to break co-dependency (with people and things)
11. How to have a healthy dating romance
12. How to get and keep a job

Self-Care Skills

13. How to excel in self-care
14. How to identify and defeat negative self-talk
15. How to balance screen use
16. How to overcome screen addiction and compulsive behaviors

How our coaching supports parents and tweens/teens and college-age students... 

1. We have a powerful coaching experience that teaches these lessons (Yes, all of them!) to teens and tweens from all around the country. Learn more about our Teen Coaching experience here.

2. Parent Coaching is growing in popularity every day and we are a big part of the movement! Parents can schedule a private session with me or join our Parents Club community!


Stay Strong. Be Close. Teach Wisdom.


Sean Donohue

Family Coach & Founder

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