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3 Parenting Resolutions You Can Keep in 2024


2024 is here...And there are 3 resolutions you can keep! 


Create a Life Outside of Your Kids

 When I meet someone new I usually have my go-to, "meeting a new person", chit-chat routine. (I am sure you do as well.) I like to shake hands, smile, and try to connect. 

One of the questions I enjoy asking new people is,

"What do you do for fun?"

I like listening to how people respond to this question. I often look for common interests I may have with them.

Yet, so often I hear the new person respond to this question with, 

"For fun? Me? Ohhhh, not much. I usually spend my time driving the kids around or do whatever the kids are doing." 

While some may praise this response and the lifestyle it describes, I do not.

Adults need a life outside of their kids. We need hobbies, passions, and friends. If you don't have a life outside of your don't have a life.

If this is speaking to you, I already know what you are thinking. 

"I can't leave my kids alone..."

"I don't have any help..."

"My kid has special needs...

I get it, you have made some pretty amazing excuses for why you don't have a life outside of your kids. I am sure you are excellent at telling others why your life revolves around your kids...and telling yourself. You have probably been doing it for years.

You do you. If you want to live like that, then go for it. 

But I sure wouldn't.

2024 is a great year to create a life...of your own.


Make "Family Meetings" a Normal Part of Your Family Culture

I can not talk about the positive power of family meetings enough! 

Most of us did not grow up in a home where we had family meetings, so the idea sounds weird, scary, or difficult to us. 

Starting a culture of family meetings may not happen overnight. (If you start while the kids are young it will be much easier!) Yet if you stick with it, you can make it a new "normal".

Note: But if you are lousy at leading family meetings and you... too much

...let the kids ruin the meeting

...don't use "Heart Talks" and instead speak from your head


no one will want to attend your family meetings.

Don't ruin your own family meetings!

If you need help leading awesome, family meetings, contact me!


Stop Yelling, Reminding, Rescuing, Avoiding, Controlling, and People Pleasing

No one likes conflict.

No one likes feeling unheard, disrespected, disappointed, or powerless. 

No parent likes it when their kids are not behaving.

Yet if you are yelling, reminding, rescuing, avoiding, controlling, and/or people-pleasing, it is a clear sign YOU are not handling conflict well.  

You are not handling conflict in a mature or healthy manner. 

I ask this because I care.... 

"How will your kids/teens learn how to handle conflict in a mature manner if their parent is not teaching them or role-modeling it for them?"

2024 is a great year to put your childish ways behind you.

2024 is a great year to put your immature parenting ways behind you.

2024 is a great year to grow as a parent...and as a person.

If you need help with your challenging kid or to break a painful pattern in your home, contact me. I am here for you. 



Be Strong. Stay Close. Teach Wisdom.

 Your Friend, 

Sean Donohue

Family Coach 

Founder of

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