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How To Evaluate Your Teen’s Emotional Maturity

Schools and parents teach and evaluate children every day.

We give classroom tests to determine if the student has learned the subject.

We use bathroom scales to evaluate weight.

We look at report cards to ensure they are progressing academically.

If kids are playing a sport, they have to attend the “try-out”, to be evaluated to ensure the teams are picked fair.

Adults do this “evaluating” out of love. Concern. 

We want to make sure our children are growing up, learning and maturing in track with their age group.

Yet currently, our schools don’t have a structured process to teach EQ skills (emotional intelligence) or emotional maturity.

They should.

In our present day, schools don’t have a structured process to evaluate emotional maturity in our children or teens.

They should.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our schools regularly taught our children:

-Conflict Communication.

-Coping Skills


-How To Overcome Anger and Anxiety

-How To Balance Screens With Diet and Exercise and Outdoor Activity

Our team of Teen Coaches here at Parenting Modern Teens teach teenagers EQ skills every day.

This is important work.

We have a powerful process which teaches tweens, teens/ and 20's to learn EQ skills and then coach them to apply their new tools to their everyday life and struggles...which in turn, improve their lives for the better.

Furthermore, we have discovered how to evaluate a teen’s emotional maturity.

We developed a series of EQ assessments and activities which help us to determine where a young young person is compared to others their age, and even pin-point the specific areas that a teenager is strong or weak in.

I hope that one day EQ skills are taught in every public school (for free) and that EQ evaluations are given to every parent.

For now, EQ teaching and evaluation is a private service  - and we are one of the only firms in the world to offer it to teens.

If you would like us to teach your teenager EQ skills, or, if you would like us to evaluate your teen’s EQ maturity, please contact us and ask . We would be happy to support your family.

We have determined that emotionally mature teenagers practice these life-skills:

  1.     Teen uses feeling words to share emotions and inner-life with his/her parents (aka “Labeling”)
  2.     Teen is assertive and articulate when having conflict with others  - while also practicing kindness, curiosity and win/win peacemaking approaches.
  3.     Teen is able to balance the screens in his/her life with social or physical activities.
  4.     Teen practices “grit” and a “growth mindset” when life obstacles occur. 
  5.     Teen practices “self-care” on a regular basis to regulate emotions and thrive in activities.
  6.      Teen is able to express confidence and boldness in life areas that he/she is gifted or strong well as admit humility in areas that he/she struggles.
  7.     Teen has a sober or healthy relationship with drugs, alcohol and vaping and does not regularly self-medicate pain or anxiety away.
  8.   Teen practices kindness and selflessness towards others in their family and world.
  9. Teen thrives in his/her responsibilities: School, time, hygiene, sleep, chores and family time   

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Stay Strong. Be Close. Teach Wisdom. 

 Sean Donohue

Founder and Family Coach