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4 Reasons, Signs and Symptoms Why Passive Parenting Has Got To Go! 👎🏼


Does this sound like someone you know?

✔︎ Permissive or Indulgent parents mostly let their children do what they want, and offer limited guidance or direction.

✔︎ Their discipline style is the opposite of strict. They have limited or NO RULES, and mostly let children live life on their own terms. 

✔︎ For some passive parents, communication with their kid is open;  but these parents let children decide for themselves rather than giving boundaries, discipline, morals or wise direction.

✔︎ Parents in this category can be warm and nurturing. They can be known as people-pleasers or conflict avoiders.

✔︎ Expectations are typically minimal or not set by these parents.

✔︎ Some passive parents have never tried to establish boundaries, discipline, healthy routines, screen limits, expectations around school performance, healthy food choices.

✔︎ May make excuses for their children.

"She was bullied."

"My ex is a narcissist."

"All of their friends are online."

"He has ADHD."

"She has no friends in real life."

"He has depression."

✔︎  Some of these parents prefer to be their child's friend and not their parent. 

✔︎ Many passive parents have tried to enable boundaries, healthy choices, respect and positive discipline but a variety of reasons have not been successful. 

 Their teen may threaten may get aggressive or physical. 

Their teen may threaten to get worse, shut down or have worse behavior.

Their teen may stonewall or avoid them.

Their teen may manipulate them.

There are many reasons.

Here at Parenting Modern Teens we help parents put passive parenting approaches behind them and replace them with healthy, authoritative, positive parenting choices.

And the results are amazing.


Here are

FOUR Reasons, Signs and Symptoms Why Passive Parenting Has To Go!

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