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Be an EMT...We aren't Surgeons


If you want to change your teenager...this article/video is for you.

If you are regularly lecturing or reminding your teen...this article/video is for you.

If you haven't hugged or comforted your teen in the last week...this article/video is for you.

If you use a lot of "command and control" in your parenting approach...this article/video is for you (and you should probably take my free parenting class.)

I have no problem saying, "I wish I could change my daughters."

I wish they were..."

"It drives me nuts when they..."

"I want them to be more..."

"I hate when they..."

Yet, I can't change my daughters...and it's a good thing when I remind myself of this.

It's ok to want to change your becomes a problem when we try to.

The truth is that we cannot change our children. We cannot control them. 

Yet, we can change ourselves. We can control ourselves.

In this Instagram Live video I talk about parenting roles... 

One role to embrace...and one to reject.

I discuss our temptation to act as a surgeon in our kids' lives. A surgeon who goes into them, wanting to change them. A surgeon replaces one thing with another. A surgeon is invasive.

Our kids don't want a surgeon parent to change them. Our kids will fight it, reject it, and push us away if we try. They feel violated.

Instead...Be an EMT.

Watch the video to learn more: HERE

And if you are having a hard time getting your teenager to mature, communicate and thrive...

instead of being a surgeon...

instead of grounding or taking their electronics away (which don't work!)...

try a Parent Coaching session or the Parenting Teens Masterclass.

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