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Encouragement and Tips For Working Parents


Working adults/parents are the foundation of our society. 

-Dads are just as likely as moms to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity

Almost 47 percent of U.S. workers are women.

-More than 70 percent of American mothers with children under 18 work.

Wow - it is difficult being a modern, working parent!  (I am one.)

We come home from a long day at work...and possibly a grueling traffic...and then check-in to another job...



-Homework helper.

-Sports/Hobby driver.

-Sibling fights peacemaker/referee.

The list goes on!!!

Here are a few helpful tips and reminders.

1. Put Yourself First...At Times = Self-Care

Good parents are selfless...most of the time.

To be our best "self", and to best take care of our children, we have to reserve time to take care of ourselves: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

2. Fight For Two Full Weekend Days! (Don't Work 6-7 Days A Week)

Some of our society's most valuable people work on Saturdays and Sundays: Nurses, firefighters,  pilots, servers, bus drivers, garbage workers, plumbers, etc...

So if you work on Saturday or Sunday - Thank You!

But no matter what job you have, allow me to give you a message on behalf of your children - Please only work 5 days a week!

Tell your boss "no". 

Turn your phone off.

Downsize your life if needed.

3. Don't Overscheule Your Kids Because...

...when you overschedule your kids- you overschedule yourself.

If you want to ruin your weekend, ruin your self-care or ruin your kids - overschedule your family!

3. Organize Your Life So When You Arrive Home For Work, You Are Ready To Work!

All working parents have (at least) two jobs.

We work a job to make money.

We work at home raising children and leading a family. 

Both jobs are invaluable.

Here is a short video I made just for you - Watch It Here!



Be Strong. Stay Close. Teach Wisdom.

 Your Friend,

Sean Donohue

Family Coach 

Founder of

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