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3 Parent Traps To Avoid During Distance Learning!


My team and I have listened to parents from all around the country talk about distance learning successes and failures.

 Here are three parenting traps to avoid!


 1. Micro-Managing Your Tweens'/Teens' Distance Learning

Beware! Beware! Beware!

If you are micro-managing you have clearly fallen into a dangerous, exhausting, painful trap! 


Does this sound familiar?

-You look into your son's bedroom every hour to see if he is in his Zoom class.

-You look at your daughter's PowerSchool report almost daily to see her progress.

-You plan out and organize your kid's day for them.


Parents micro-manage their children when they...

-Live and parent in fear

-Don't feel trust with their children

-Don't know how to properly build trust with their children

-Incorrectly believe it's their job to control their children.

-Feel like their kid can't succeed without their help

-View themself as an "authoritarian" style parent.

-Believe that good parents control, protect and manage their children.


Beware! Beware! Beware!

This micro-managing will not end well.

 In 20+ years of working with kids, tweens, teens, (with many diagnosed with ADHD and other things), we understand that micro-managing is not good for tweens and teens.

Micro-managing breeds mistrust, co-dependency, low-self esteem and is the soil for lying, hiding, angry outbursts and an unhealthy or broken teen/parent relationship.

Don't fall into this trap! 


2. You Enable "Screen Addiction"

Screen addiction is very real...and very serious. 

We help families with screen addicts every day here at

It can be a complicated, difficult process to break a screen addiction. 


Addiction doesn't happen overnight and...Addiction doesn't happen without "enablers". 

Sometimes the parent(s) are as much of an issue as the screen addict is.

If you have a screen addict in your home, we want to invite you to ask yourself, "How am I a part of this problem?"

If your tween/teen isn't thriving with Distance Learning and spends too much time on a screen, you may be enabling an addiction, and thus, you may be an "enabler".

Beware of this trap!

A parent's job is to teach their children to become a mature, responsible, successful adult. If you are enabling a screen addict, you have fallen into a dangerous, unhealthy trap. 


3. You Don't Effectively Build Trust With Your Kids

As I teach about in my free parenting class, "How To Prepare For COVID Back-To-School Craziness", Distance Learning is about trust...or lack thereof. 

Parents need to be able to successfully discuss trust with our kids. 

Parents need to be able to increase and build trust.

Parents need good parenting tools to build trust with defiant, impulsive, sneaky, lazy and deceptive behavior.

If you haven't effectively discussed, AND effectively built trust with your kids during Distance have fallen into a parent trap!  

Take my parenting class and I can help you with this! Click HERE for details.



Stay Strong. Be Close. Teach Wisdom.

Sean Donohue

Family Coach, Founder

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