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5 Things You Should Say To Your Kids During Shelter-In-Place


1. “Come To The Family Meeting Tomorrow at ____.”

 Every team needs leadership and regular team gatherings.

Sports teams regularly gather.

Businesses team members regularly gather.

 So doesn’t it make sense that families should regularly gather?

To meet, plan, check-in and grow?Yes!

I teach about how to lead a great Family Meeting with teens in my live parenting class, Parenting Tips for Shelter-In-Place Craziness.

Shelter-In-Home is the perfect time to make Family Meetings the new normal!


2. “You Are Responsible To Take Care Of Your Own Mental Health.”

 Shelter-In-Place sucks. Its like “house-arrest" without the ankle bracelets.

 This experience has been hard on all of us.

 But after the doctors, nurses, first responders, and essential workers, the people group who this may be the hardest on, is our children. Our tweens. Our teens. No friends. No school. No sports. No prom. No graduation. No parties. No freedom. Ouch.

Yet, this is exactly why it’s important for parents to talk to our children about their mental health and to TEACH THEM that they are in fact in charge of it!


  1. “You Need To Live A Balanced Life During This Time.”

All of us will be on screens, phones, tablets, and video games more than usual during Shelter-In-Place. And that is ok. 

Parents are teachers. Powerful teachers.

More than any school teacher, friend or media personality, parents will always be the primary teacher in their child’s life.

And during this crazy time of Coronavirus and Shelter-In-Home, it’s important that we teach our children to live a balanced life.

Along with their screen time, every child/teen should be living a lifestyle of healthy foods, regular exercise, sunshine, family time, and school work.


  1. “I Am Here To Support You Through This.”

    It’s important for parents to set the bar high for their children and teens. We want them to become mature, responsible, balanced, successful young adults…

 …And we want them to know we are there for them now, and forever.

 (This is my family ☞ ) 


 5. “Come To The Family Walk/Movie/Dinner Tonight at ____.”

 You can go to Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or Marshalls and get a “Family Rules” or “Family Is…” print for $19.99.

But your family will never be defined by some cheap print.

Your family WILL BE DEFINED by how you live, how you interact, how you communicate, how you love each other…and how you get through this pandemic.

This is why it’s so important for parents to use their leadership to bring the family together for family time.

Family dinners.

Family walks and hikes. 

Family movie nights. 

Family meetings.

Family baking projects.

Family puzzles.

Family board games.

 As a parent, it’s your role to rally your family together, under your leadership.

 This is a tough time for all of us…which simply means…we need family more than ever.

 From my family to yours, stay safe and healthy during this crazy time.




Be Strong. Stay Close. Teach Wisdom.

 Your Friend,

Sean Donohue

Family Coach 

Founder of

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