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7 Secrets Some Silence Taught Me About Self-Care

Every two years I do something different....very different. 

I spend 7 days practicing mindfulness...




No non-essential talking.

No music. 

This is my mindfulness retreat...

and it is an integral part of my Self-Care.

brown wooden cabin


Now I should say that my mind did not STOP thinking. 

(In fact, somedays I thought it was racing faster than ever!). 

But over the course of one week I noticed more. 

A lot more. 

And I'd like to share some of the nuggets of wisdom I caught.


I rely on structures in my life...and this type of structured retreat is a favorite form of vacation for me.

I don't do this experience by myself. I retreat into silence and mindfulness with others.

Because of the strict lock-down rules here in Northern California,  we met via Zoom from our various home and retreat locations this year.


person writing on bookWe shared long periods of silence...





These were interspersed with teachings on some timely themes (the preciousness of birth and death, life's cycle of cause and effect, etc.) and small group discussions in the afternoons. 



After practicing together on Zoom during the days, we’d return to our home life for the evenings.




A serious commitment to Self-Care can be so difficult. 

Especially when you are a parent.


Especially in our culture that defines people by their productivity.  

I too have a hard time slowing down.

So it takes a little bit of structure for me to be able to relax into a regular Self-Care routine.

In my daily life this means a few touch points throughout the day:

two men sitting and one man standing near cliff taken during golden hour

-a first-thing-in-the-morning walk

-after lunch mindfulness time

-reading a book for 15 minutes




And for that week-long Zoom retreat I quietly slowed down...

...and my mind became more still...

and these...

7 Secrets about Self-Care


....bubbled up in me:


1. Slowing down can allow you to work harder. And deeper.


2. We are all stressed. How we respond makes all the difference.


man on thinking pose


3. A week without listening to music can actually be relaxing.


4. Practice what you preach. (I must practice the same tools I teach to teens and families.)


woman reading book while sitting on chair


5. When we’re not doing our "Reactions", we have more good choices.


6. Meditation is not about how many breaths you can count but about how gentle you can be when your thoughts drift away from your breath.


7. One good question is more useful than many more answers.



Sean P

Sean Potts

Family Coach 

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Log Cabin  - Owen Wassell - @owen_was

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