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A Solution For…‘Why Does My Kid Have Such A Painful Hold On Me?’


 In every moment you have choices.  


Every moment that your kid acts selfishly.

Every moment that your spouse treats you poorly.

Every moment that you judge yourself for not being a better parent.


You can choose to use the moment to react negatively...or make a choice towards wisdom, maturity and  freedom


At Parenting Modern Teens, we help parents and teens make those choices easier and more enjoyable.


In parenting, you are given endless opportunities to use your power and influence wisely. 


You are the most important teacher in your kid’s life.  


The challenges you face everyday as a parent point to where you’re stuck in tired, old, unhealthy patterns.  Believe it or not, you can break these patterns with the help of…


...yes that’s right...your teen!


man wearing collared shirt in closeup photography


 Your kids are showing you the exact places where you can grow as a person, and as a parent.




But you need tools to do this work.


The Solution:

You need to grow in mindfulness. 


One teacher said of mindfulness (as with parenting)...


"It is the same if you are spinning around in a room

you won’t be able to see what is on the walls or on the floor.  


But if you look around slowly

you will be able to see everything." 


Modern parents need a certain level of awareness and skill to recognize and transform old habits into new ways of parenting.  One powerful tool is mindfulness, already used by parents for centuries. 

man sitting on gray dock

A mindfulness practice helps you focus and recognize what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing in the moment.  I offer mindfulness tools to teens and parents every week as I coach them on their journey towards being their best selves.  If you are going to learn to let go and parent with freedom, this age-old tool could prove essential. 




This journey may not be easy.  


Changing habits is hard work.


I’ve been helping parents and teens learn these simple yet effective tools for over a decade, and I’m so excited to teach you too.  


The challenges you face are difficult.  


Parenting is so emotional.  Maybe the most emotional thing you’ll ever do.  After all, your kids are part of you and you are a part of them.  That’s why parenting them is SO HARD.  Because we care so much!  


AND they push our buttons so often!  Our family can literally bring out the most intense and sometimes scariest parts of ourselves. 

Horror No GIF by Scary Mommy


If you are struggling...are you ready to change?



Are you ready to parent in ways that can make you actually feel GOOD? 


And by doing this, you will ALSO support your teen!


Join me for a 4-week experience where I will teach you mindfulness tools to use today to…


1. BREAK OUT OF CODEPENDENCY and trying to control/please your kid and spouse/co-parent.


2. Learn the SELF-CARE practices you need to sustain you in your family life...and beyond.




3. DEVELOP RESILIENCE so that you are not overwhelmed when your kid doesn’t act the way you want.

 4. Know when to assert your power...and when to SHARE POWER WITH YOUR KID.





You’ll spend four 30-minute sessions (followed by open discussion) with me and other parents (grandparents welcome too!) practicing some tried-and-true ways that sage parents have used throughout the years to let go of self-centeredness and learn to love in a generous way.  






The tools I offer during these four short weeks will help you turn your most challenging parenting moments into opportunities to awaken your deeper wisdom. 




By learning to make better choices in yourself, you can create more freedom for yourself and your teen, and, yes, make parenting easier and more enjoyable. You can transcend old habits and reactions and become the best parent, the best person, you want to be.



Sean P

Sean Potts

Family Coach 

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